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Advanced Micro Devices on Friday revealed its updated Radeon graphics roadmap for the rest of 2013. As it appears, the company decided to scrap launches of all-new products till the fourth quarter of the year and then completely focus on promotion the existing Radeon HD 7000 lineup for the remainder of the year. The firm still plans to introduce some updates to the desktop HD 7000 family and HD 7000M series.

“The Radeon HD 7000-series graphics series will remain stable for the remainder of the year,” said Chris Hook, a spokesman for AMD.

The controversial and rather unexpected decision not to roll-out brand-new product lineup earlier in the year, following typical GPU update cadence, has a number of explanations. Given the fact that AMD’s arch-rival Nvidia is very quiet about the refresh of its highly-competitive Kepler lineup, the company believes that the existing status quo on the market will remain unchanged till one of the companies introduces a series of brand-new products.

AMD believes that it has the world’s best lineup of graphics processors it should balance its pricing right in order to remain competitive with the GeForce 6-series solutions. Keeping in mind that performance-wise the Radeon HD 7000-series remains powerful amid lack of novelties from the rival, AMD seems to be correct. The main issue with AMD’s plan is that it will essentially make the graphics cards market stagnate for almost a year.

In a bid to solidify its positions on the market of mainstream desktop graphics processing units, AMD will release a new version of code-named Pitcairn chip for the Radeon HD 7800- and potentially Radeon HD 7700-series products. To boost its presence on the market of mobile graphics chips it plans to offer different variations of code-named Oland chip with different amounts of stream processors and other execution units. In order to satisfy demands of OEMs, AMD intends to sell them current-generation solutions with Radeon HD 8000-series badges.

AMD’s most powerful single-chip graphics solution for the rest of calendar 2013 will remain the Radeon HD 7970 GHz Edition graphics card. Quite naturally, it will not be able to respond to Nvidia’s forthcoming collectible GeForce GTX Titan solution with anything other than the scarcely available dual-chip Radeon HD 7990.

Unfortunately, AMD did not reveal anything about its plans for the fourth quarter of the year. It is logical to expect the company to unleash Radeon HD 8000-series products, but AMD left the world wonder whether the new family will include code-named Sea Islands graphics processors made using 28nm process technology, or will be based on the all-new processors manufactured using 20nm fabrication process.

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If Titan will be at x7000 and the new chips will as fast as Nvidia makes us believe the this delay is the worst thing that AMD can do now , they always where the fist on the market whit the now products now they will be last ( it seems so ) and they can't drop there price to mach Price/Performance + That the drivers won't be optimised that well . It seems that the layoffs are making there effect in ATI to , this is a sad time for AMD .
0 2 [Posted by: ojohn  | Date: 02/15/13 01:09:33 PM]
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Titan is just a rumor and even if it truth, it is current tech and only for enthusiasts who have a crapload of money to buy them.

Until we see something on the "field of reality" where most of us users exist, there is nothing.

I mean see that 690, do you even know anyone who have one?

A niche product for a niche market.
4 0 [Posted by: nitro912gr  | Date: 02/15/13 01:47:51 PM]
No rumour, It's coming at the end of the month!
But yes it is a niche market for sure, Mind you I still want one if the price is between the 680-690.
0 0 [Posted by: ozegamer  | Date: 02/15/13 04:41:07 PM]
I'd rather to buy a PS4 for that amount of money.
3 1 [Posted by: linuxlowdown  | Date: 02/16/13 12:48:46 AM]
Mass suicides at AMD's headquarters have already started. News reached their corporate head office that 99% of GPU buyers will stop buying desktop GPUs in the sub-$500 budget range and will instead buy $900+ graphics cards by the truckloads.

P.S. The Titan's supply availability is being hinted at just 10,000 units. This will be the end for AMD HD7000 series and their graphics division!
3 1 [Posted by: BestJinjo  | Date: 02/16/13 03:29:18 PM]
Epic sarcasm is epic
0 0 [Posted by: veli05  | Date: 02/18/13 09:25:46 AM]
That score won't come to fruition. ChipHell and other sources are reporting GPU clock of 837mhz with boost of 876mhz. It will score below a 690 which scores well under X7000. The X7000 score was proven to be a fake a long time ago. Not sure why you think AMD even cares about the Titan. 10,000 cards priced at $900 is nothing worth talking about. This is a marketing exercise by NV. The Titan isn't meant to compete against HD7970 Ghz.
1 1 [Posted by: BestJinjo  | Date: 02/17/13 04:35:19 PM]

Good news I guess, I just got a XFX 7850 and I like the idea that I'm not that late to the party and that the product lifetime will be longer.
1 0 [Posted by: nitro912gr  | Date: 02/15/13 01:48:40 PM]

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0 4 [Posted by: Zola  | Date: 02/15/13 02:11:20 PM]
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AMD's management is shaking. It's not like they are selling the best price/performance and game bundles in the desktop GPU space at the moment at nearly every price level from $100-500.
2 1 [Posted by: BestJinjo  | Date: 02/16/13 03:33:32 PM]
There are a new old players out there!
Imagination technologies new power vr 6xxx gen is dx 11 compactable!
& the 6 units flag ship is theoretically fast as 7750 & much more power efficient then Keplers architecture! All do it's not intended for a x86 - pc maybe vi will see it whit new atoms!? & they have mips naw so at the end of the year vi can expect soc whit 6 proaptive cors & 6 gpu cors!
0 0 [Posted by: Zola  | Date: 02/18/13 03:34:28 AM]

It'll allow AMD to extract more profit from this generation of chips. Moving to a new chips and boards is expensive. So long as NV doesn't beat them by months to market the next gen this is a good move for them.
1 0 [Posted by: KeyBoardG  | Date: 02/15/13 08:41:11 PM]

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0 3 [Posted by: beck2448  | Date: 02/15/13 08:51:49 PM]
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Ya, but those losses have nothing to do with their GPU business. As a consumer I don't care how much AMD/NV make as long as they remain in business. I care about how much I have to pay for the next level of GPU performance.
1 1 [Posted by: BestJinjo  | Date: 02/17/13 04:37:19 PM]
LOL. Really? Do you know anything about business. If a tech company has high debt and major losses it severely impacts competitiveness, the ability to make key hires and attract the right talent, to pour money into research and development, while the better financed competitors are not standing still waiting for the enemy to get it together. If they fall behind too far due to cash crunch, they can be in real trouble very quickly.
0 1 [Posted by: beck2448  | Date: 02/17/13 05:12:04 PM]

Actually AMD did not change their GPU road map. It's just that some in the media aren't up to speed and don't understand AMDs future product releases (yet). And no they are not delaying new product launches until late 2013. They will have new product launches in H1 of '13.

Some in the media are lazy and ignorant... They should do their homework instead of spouting tripe.

This is the real AMD GPU report for 2013

4 2 [Posted by: beenthere  | Date: 02/15/13 10:39:38 PM]
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Thats correct, the press made a up lot of things. They tried to jump the gun and second guess AMD's roadmaps. Press being the press never admits to being wrong unless caught so redhanded that they have to admit they were indeed wrong.

Anandtech still doesn't get it. The end entire 8000M series line up is Sea Islands its not GCN Southern Islands with a new family name. Its even in AMD's CES slides.

Its new silicon with entirely new bring up process just for it. The changes may or may not be that much of an impact on % over GCN southern islands as AMD hasn't publicly talked about it. But I can tell you there is an effect depending on the task. The Sea Islands's changes are not fully discussed in the open either, what the press have so far is not the complete story. There is a good reason(s) for this it will be clear in the future, I don't know what time frame as it hinges on some events to happen (don't ask me what 'event', can't elaborate for now)

Granted AMD was being very vague, its not hard to know this by now (given their inside sources and all that). I mentioned this in here a while back while discussing with BestJinjo but thought the press would get it clarified by now. There is no more confusion here.

Sea islands is for that reason already launched, just not for the Desktop yet.
3 1 [Posted by: vanakkuty  | Date: 02/15/13 11:31:39 PM]
A lot of the press was fabricating information while conveniently omitting that rumors published by Sweclockers pointed that GTX600/7000 refreshes were slated for Q4 2013. That article was published Jan 31, 2013. Scott Wasson of tech report even tried to claim that he had some insider information/spoke to AMD's execs at CES and then added his own spin that HD8000 desktop parts were launching in the 1st half of 2013 and that AMD must have officially delayed Sea Islands. Yet AMD never publicly announced in any road-map slide when GCN 2.0 / desktop HD8000 parts would even launch in 2013. In fact, they didn't even specify what Sea Islands / Solar Systems were even referring to in great detail until recently. How can AMD delay something when specific launch dates/ quarterly launch time frames weren't publicly announced? All information last year pertaining to GTX700/HD8000 desktop parts was purely based on rumors and some of the media tried to pass on those rumors as facts, so they could spin the delay headlines for page hits.

Don't you find it curious why in tech report's time frame testing the authors omitted to include any games where GTX600 cards exhibited stutter? They also omitted rumors about GTX700 refresh being slated for Q4 2013 despite the same sources claiming that for both HD8000 and GTX700 parts?

Whatever the truth is, I never expected any 28nm refresh cards to be special. AMD and NV are power consumption constrained at 28nm and most of us don't care to side-grade to a $900 single chip Titan to play 2013 console ports if we already have GTX680 SLI / HD7970 Ghz cross-fire. A real upgrade would then mean two Titan cards which at $1,800 is just nuts when Crysis 3 appears to be the only game in the near future to warranty such an extravagant upgrade.
1 1 [Posted by: BestJinjo  | Date: 02/16/13 03:42:14 PM]
AMD is partly responsible for the rise in speculation/fabrications by the press. The number of road-map leaks in the past were unacceptable so AMD has tightened their grip on info release to even their own employees. This naturally starves the press so they make their own stuff up.

As for game devs strong arming developments to favor one brand and stuff like review sites showing only good positive benchmarks, only way to beat it is to join that shady game. AMD will do it once positive cash flow is constant and consistently on the rise. Its all about money. You have money you do the same to market and strong arm development to favor atleast a good amount of titles and benchmarks shown on sites for your products.

1 0 [Posted by: vanakkuty  | Date: 02/16/13 10:26:47 PM]
"can it run crysis?" become "can it run crysis on maximal details on monitor that doesn't exist, or several 24-inchers?"

as long as i have neither of these setups, current lineup satisfies me - and furthermore, it will also satisfy me if i buy more screens. this is true for BOTH amd and nvidia enthusiast lineup

after a long time, there isn't software in existence (or announced for near future), which current GPUs generation is having trouble with.

so, what's the big deal?
1 0 [Posted by: snakefist  | Date: 02/16/13 02:12:49 AM]

Nothing strange here. AMD and Nvidia just realized and decided that there is no reason to kill each other in a market that is not advancing anymore as fast as it was in the past and it is not making the money that it was making in the past for them. So they are giving more time to their products to justify the money that was spent in R&D.
Forget a new GPU every year. We are moving to a 2 years circle with all rebrands for OEMs and a product like Titan or 7990 in between for the enthusiasts.
1 0 [Posted by: john_gre  | Date: 02/16/13 01:27:25 AM]
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i can see the reasoning for a short term, but that would suck if it were true for the long term. The only thing I can see it improving in the short term is software developers will be more creative with existing graphics cards and will really optimize the graphics capabilities that are currently undertweaked, save for catalyst/geforce drivers.
1 0 [Posted by: qubit  | Date: 02/16/13 09:44:36 AM]

I took a completely different spin on this news than most people, apparently.

I got 'tahiti will be the fastest chip until the end of the year' and 'more 7000 series desktop cards are coming' which I took to mean desktop versions of the mobile solar system chips, which don't have that kind of power envelope.

That means, not only oland/mars (384sp), but conceivably the chips replacing 7700 and 7800 could arrive sooner than later...probably the same time as the solar chips in q2.

I mean, we KNOW the xbox is using a gpu design based on the 7700 replacement. The slides indicate something faster than 1280sp @ 850mhz is coming to mobile (unless they exaggerated the placement). All of this points to at least the 768/896sp (or whatever it is) chip launching sooner rather than later, and conceivably a 1536/1792sp chip as well. For instance, to match the top mobile geforce part they would need 1536sp at greater than 840mhz (or some other config), which makes that conceivable.

They are all 'slower' than Tahiti.

Say there is a 1792sp part...what we might have called 8870 Vs 7970:

1.(1877.777*1050)/(1792*core clock) = % faster in games
To be equal the core would need to be 1100mhz or greater.

2.(6000*384-bit)/(ram clock*256-bit) * .16 = % faster in games
To be equal it would need to be 9000mhz.

Since the bw matching is likely to happen, and that means even with the top-rated 7ghz ram they would be limited to ~1111mhz, realistically we could see something like a'7950XT/7960' on the desktop that is 5% slower than 7970ghzed (say 1792 @ 1100/7000) and with less performance headroom because of bus-width and the extra usable shader processors, but also under 225w. The mobile variation would be something ~100w. Not a far stretch when supposedly 8850 (1536sp @ 9xx/5-6ghz) was going to replace 7850 in the 120w tdp range.

Obviously there are other configuration/(re)placement possibilities, but when 7870 as it currently exists is no longer Pitcairn but Tahiti LE, I would venture this is the road they are going down in one form or another.
1 0 [Posted by: turtle  | Date: 02/17/13 03:44:29 AM]
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Excellent post. As you said AMD will launch a card below HD7750 to target the under $100 space and close some gaps in the rest of their desktop line. Those cards might be labelled HD7890, HD7960, etc.
0 1 [Posted by: BestJinjo  | Date: 02/17/13 04:39:43 PM]


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