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An update of HWiNFO diagnostic software for personal computers has uncovered code-names of many future products from Advanced Micro Devices. The new names point to forthcoming graphics processors for desktops and notebooks as well as upcoming accelerated processing units. The new products are due in the next two or three years.

The recent update of HWiNFO adds support for Volcanic Islands as well as Crystal series graphics processing units. The VI family will include Maui high-end GPU, Iceland performance graphics chip as well as Tonga mainstream graphics adapter. The Crystal family of mobile GPUs is currently expected to feature Topaz (mobile version of Iceland) chip as well as Amethyst (mobile version of Tonga) graphics solution. Previously it was reported that VI family also includes code-named Hawaii product.

AMD Volcanic Islands and Crystals graphics processing units are projected to be released in 2014. The chips promise to become the pinnacle of heterogeneous - CPU+GPU - system architecture. VI/Crystals GPUs, when accompanied by appropriate microprocessors and operating systems, will support GPU compute context switch [GPU computes every single piece of application that it can] as well as GPU graphics pre-emption. Perhaps, accelerated processing units featuring VI GPUs with Excavator x86 cores will be able to do wonders by automatically using the most efficient execution unit (e.g., stream processors or x86 cores) for a particular task, which has potential to redefine the high-performance computing market (HPC), keeping in mind efficiency of stream processors in multi-threaded HPC apps. The VI/Crystals GPUs are projected to be made at Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. using 20nm process technology, which is going online in February, 2014.

The software update also adds support for Pirate Islands graphics processing units, including Bermuda, Fiji and Treasure. At present, there are no known mobile GPUs that rely on Pirate Islands architecture. Nothing particular is known about the PI family, which will become available in 2015. Given the naming and the timing, expect Caribbean code-names and chips made using 16nm/14nm-XM FinFET process technology as well as further improvements when it comes to CPU+GPU collaboration.

Finally, the HWiNFO can now recognize such accelerated processing units as Carrizo (successor of Kaveri that is due in 2015) as well as code-named Amur and Bhavani. Nothing is known about the latter chips.

AMD did not comment on the news-story.

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A new Volcanic Island GPU will be inside Kaveri, rather than a Southern Islands one that was previously thought.
5 3 [Posted by: linuxlowdown  | Date: 08/09/13 03:55:45 AM]

Yikes, sorry guys. AMD has already announced VI is this year, that means 0.028, the top chip is named Hawaii. That's gcn2 and hugh improvements across the board - nv's answer? Sweat fuck-all. Christ. AMD cancelled sea islands desktop to rush forward on VI with a back-up 0.028 design. PI is next year, now, i guess that on 0.02 According to some rumours Maxwell 0.02 delayed all the way to the end of 2014.
If this is true; VI has no competition in the market at all, and Maxwell goes up against PI - and if VI doesn't PI almost certainly uses stacked 3d memory. Maxwell can't. Gulp.
1 1 [Posted by: TopHatKiller  | Date: 08/09/13 10:13:39 AM]
- collapse thread

I don't think NV needs to sweat anything. After-market 780s are nearly 30% faster than HD7970 Ghz. Even if somehow VI is faster, it might beat 780 by 5-6%, not much more. NV can also lower the price to $500 if necessary. By the time AMD launches this new card, 780 will have sold for months capturing a lot of high end PC gamers.
1 2 [Posted by: BestJinjo  | Date: 08/11/13 09:14:46 AM]
GTX titan/780 is not that efficient architecture compared to AMDs GCN. 7970GHz edition is only slower by 15-18fps in most games, and on GPGPU compute tasks GTX780 and GCN are very close in performance. Don't know what that GTX780s 7 billion transistors do ?

GPGPU bench at
0 0 [Posted by: tks  | Date: 08/13/13 05:50:37 AM]

I am really tired of this VI nonsense, its just a name, just like the 7990 was NZ and is now Malta name's don't matter. What does matter is the logic and marketing point behind it, VI is most likely made on the 28nm process and mimics that of "Sea Islands" only with HSA support (or SI Enhanced as I like to call it). Because you have to remember that "SI" didn't have support for HSA and this is probably the sole reason for the delayed launch (as has been the reason for the Kaveri APU delay)

Whether or not "Hawaii" is made on the 28nm or 20nm process has yet to be determined. I believe "Hawaii" will be made on 20nm but still be based on "SI Enhanced", just with a die shrink to compensate more cores and compete with the Titan. But I do not believe it will not be available till Q1 of 2014 because of TSM delaying its 20nm production till then, this also brings up why Maxwell was delayed.

Maxwell was meant to come out in the Q2 of 2014 but was delayed because of TSM to the 2H of 2014 most likely to Q3 of 2014. Also "Hawaii" only accounts for the high-end low volume segment so it will be able to ramp rather fast, where as Maxwell defines a hole GPU gen so it will take a lot longer. This also gives AMD the chance to launch their lower end "SI Enhanced" cards this year (probably at the Sep conference) and then PI in Q4 of 2014 or maybe (and more likely) Q1 of 2015 when the 20nm process has been fully ramped up. Also the likely plan for AMD's Carizo APU's rumored to be made on the 20nm process and most likely using the PI GPU since Kaveri will use the 28nm GCN2.0 "SI Enhanced" GPU.
1 0 [Posted by: Suvorov361  | Date: 08/12/13 03:04:14 AM]


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