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Advanced Micro Devices believes it can further gain share on the market of professional graphics adapters. The lucrative market is controlled by Nvidia Corp,’s Quadro graphics cards, but AMD now believes it can capture a part of it. AMD has a long road ahead as Nvidia Corp. keeps dominating the market with its Quadro solutions.

“We also continue to make steady progress in another of our growth businesses in the third quarter, as we delivered our fifth consecutive quarter of revenue and share growth in the professional graphics area. We believe we can continue to gain share in this lucrative part of the GPU market, based on our product portfolio, design wins in-flight, and enhanced channel programs,” said Rory Read, chief executive officer of AMD.

At present, AMD owns about 18% of the professional graphics market, there is a long road to take to become a more significant player. According to market analyst Jon Peddie, even this gain is very important as the trend is likely to continue.

“After years of neglect, AMD’s [graphics] workstation group, under the tutorage of Matt Skyner, has the backing and commitment of top management and AMD intends to push into the market aggressively. We have seen them gain market share this year and expect them to gain even more, said Jon Peddie, the head of Jon Peddie Research.

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2 6 [Posted by: fanboyslayer  | Date: 10/20/13 12:33:57 PM]

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5 9 [Posted by: JanGozi  | Date: 10/20/13 02:36:58 PM]

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3 7 [Posted by: AnonymousGuy  | Date: 10/20/13 02:44:53 PM]

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0 8 [Posted by: soryuuha  | Date: 10/20/13 02:45:50 PM]

Its stupid to become a fanboy of some vendor. Buy what ever is best for the given money.
6 2 [Posted by: tks  | Date: 10/20/13 02:46:50 PM]

Is simple. Marketing at AMD for professional GPU's is almost nonexistent, even if their products are performing on pair or even better than nVidia's. Also their drivers are NOT optimized for specific 3D apps such as Maya, CATIA, SW, 3D Studio, etc.; just like nVidia's are.
5 3 [Posted by: TAViX  | Date: 10/20/13 05:42:17 PM]
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In some better is AMD is some Nvidia
1 0 [Posted by: kvarta  | Date: 10/21/13 05:32:42 PM]
Nope, if you look at the pro application menu, Nvidia's gpu are still favored.

But AMD is building for the future. Things might change really fast.
0 0 [Posted by: MHudon  | Date: 10/21/13 11:02:05 PM]

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2 8 [Posted by: beck2448  | Date: 10/20/13 07:34:20 PM]

I think Mantle should be promoted more in this field. Imagine the boost you could get by partnering with Autodesk and getting Mantle support for professional applications. You could seriously cut down on costs/ time for rendering big projects.
6 0 [Posted by: dinosore  | Date: 10/21/13 01:13:37 AM]
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Yep, Mantle might actualy be a real game changer. Almost exiting!
0 0 [Posted by: MHudon  | Date: 10/21/13 11:06:27 PM]
I'm really interested in AMDs Mantle API
0 0 [Posted by: tks  | Date: 10/22/13 04:13:40 PM]

I love it but, I'll believe it when I see it. BTW I hope this means AMD brings out more driver updates.
5 0 [Posted by: albert89  | Date: 10/21/13 07:43:32 AM]


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