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Advanced Micro Devices has announced three new game developer partnerships for Mantle, its proprietary graphics application programming interface. Cloud Imperium Games, Eidos-Montréal, a part of the Square Enix Group, and Oxide Games are the latest game developers to join AMD in optimizing the way PC games are developed to extract maximum performance from a modern AMD Radeon graphics cards.

“AMD is proud to play an instrumental role in transforming the world of game development with Mantle. With the support and close collaboration between AMD and industry-leading game developers like Cloud Imperium, Eidos-Montréal and Oxide, Mantle can maximize optimization for highly anticipated PC titles, bringing an unparalleled gaming experience for players,” said Ritche Corpus, director of ISV gaming and alliances at AMD.

Mantle, a cross-platform application programming interface (that will only support Windows operating system initially) designed specifically for graphics processing units based on graphics core next (GCN) architecture, presenting a deeper level of hardware optimization. Being low-level API, Mantle can bypass all the bottlenecks modern PC/API architectures; according to AMD, Mantle enables nine times more draw calls per second than DirectX and OpenGL thanks to lower CPU overhead. AMD and EA/DICE announced a Mantle renderer for the forthcoming Battlefield 4 game in December, 2013. Mantle will be detailed further at the AMD Developer Summit, APU13, taking place in November.

Cloud Imperium Games is currently developing Star Citizen, the highly anticipated, crowd-funded PC space simulator from legendary game designer Chris Roberts.

"AMD's Mantle will allow us to extract more performance from an AMD Radeon GPU than any other graphics API. Mantle is vitally important for a game like Star Citizen, which is being designed with the need for massive GPU horsepower. With Mantle, our team can spend more time achieving our perfect artistic vision, and less time worrying about whether or not today’s gaming hardware will be ready to deliver it," said Chris Roberts, chief executive officer of Cloud Imperium Games.

Eidos-Montréal is the studio behind Thief, an upcoming first-person stealth adventure set for release in February 2014.

“Mantle lets you use AMD Radeon GPUs the way they are meant to be used, unlocking many new opportunities and increased CPU and GPU performance. Because of this, Mantle is one of the most important changes to PC graphics in many years,” said David Anfossi, studio head of Eidos-Montréal.

Helmed by industry veterans, Oxide Games is designing the new “Nitrous” engine for 64-bit, multi-core processors.

“AMD’s Mantle technology lets us get more out of the hardware than any other solution available. Adding Mantle support to our multi-platform, 64-bit Nitrous engine realizes significant gains in performance on Mantle-enabled hardware without adding enormous development overhead,” said Dan Baker, co-founder of Oxide Games.

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3 8 [Posted by: sanity  | Date: 11/05/13 07:59:16 PM]
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Please, trolling is not welcomed. As you well know, Mantle is 9 times more advanced beyond these existing technologies. On 11th November, we'll see the demo. Then all hell will break loose. Mr Huang won't be taking calls that day - because he'll be stuck on the toilet crapping himself.
5 5 [Posted by: linuxlowdown  | Date: 11/06/13 12:12:03 AM]
"Mantle is 9 times more advanced beyond these existing technologies"

Is it? They only say 9x more Draw calls. Since back in 2005 or so Nvidia and others have been saying that multiple draw calls are ridiculous and that game developers need to learn to program. While in consoles you normally pack few triangles at a time due to buffer constraints, PC side should be making as few calls to draw as possible. Even so, you can effectively double (triple, or more) the number of supported Draw calls simply by using DX11 feature levels and just that, since running back to DX10 like many games forces the api to execute only one thread at a time (as opposed to DX11 where you can use much more)
4 2 [Posted by: basroil  | Date: 11/06/13 02:08:56 AM]
"AMD’s graphics guru Raja Koduri pointed out that Mantle also deliver massive performance gains, allowing devs to tap more power from GCN. In some cases, it could result in a nine-fold boost, practically bringing 2018-level performance to current generation graphics hardware." FUDZILLA

Let's call the "9 times" "5 years times" more performance instead, since years performance measure is non-linear. Like I said, Mr Huang is crapping himself. An Nvidia shareholder at this stage is worse than a fanboy if they can't see the writing on the wall.
5 4 [Posted by: linuxlowdown  | Date: 11/06/13 03:16:44 AM]
I was entirely unaware we were now judging performance based on numbers brought back from the future with our wondrous new time travel technology. I was wondering what to believe from AMD, and if that's what they are spewing, I'm very worried. I'd like my next choice of a card to be easy.
1 0 [Posted by: Ryan Noh  | Date: 11/15/13 06:49:34 AM]
hardly. making 9x more draw calls does not make it 9x more fps or 9x less DRAW TIME PER FRAME which is where amd sucks toilet water from.

and yes, lets see the patch and the demo.. if it is not >*900FPS*< (9x MOAR you said..) then we know AMD lied like usual.
2 1 [Posted by: amdzorz  | Date: 11/06/13 11:37:00 AM]
9x more draw calls does not mean 9x performance. It just provides convenience to programmers that's all.
0 1 [Posted by: John Hashman  | Date: 11/06/13 06:03:23 PM]
Yes and no. Essentially they are whinning like little girls that d3d is holding them back. so thier solution is to further fragment and ruin gaming for everyone by making a closed-source proprietary api and drive up development costs on game studios..

bravo amd ... stupid $%^&'s
0 2 [Posted by: amdzorz  | Date: 11/06/13 11:34:20 AM]

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1 4 [Posted by: basroil  | Date: 11/06/13 01:13:15 AM]
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We'll no doubt fail on ame marketing on that front. But essentially this used to exist 3dfx glide, but at the time developers were looking the ultimate api, Microsoft won over or opengl didn't exist then. I assume mantle is easier to program given its reception by devs. Now devs are more interested in being able to fully express themselves and to share their vision with gamers and mantle will abet that. In a way amd is betting on its current ownership of consoles, easy implementation, steamos and combined rapid adaptation. It will allow for more consistent framerate and detail, and better performance on low end chips with games that support mantle.
5 1 [Posted by: ericore  | Date: 11/06/13 01:50:59 AM]
AMD certainly doesn't have the sort of PR departments Intel or Apple have. But the technology should not be underestimated or belittled. Raja Koduri is the Jim Keller of GPU. If he says it kicks ass, it most probably does.
4 3 [Posted by: linuxlowdown  | Date: 11/06/13 03:26:26 AM]
Now devs are more interested in being able to fully express themselves and to share their vision with gamers and mantle will abet that.

Very well said. All the programmers I know working at UBI Montreal would agree with that!
2 1 [Posted by: MHudon  | Date: 11/06/13 09:36:22 AM]
mantle does not work on xbox, ps4 or nintendo. so the cross platform costs are still the same.
1 1 [Posted by: amdzorz  | Date: 11/06/13 11:39:14 AM]
Wrong again troll!

Let me quote a user on Fudzilla who understands these things better than you and me: Credit to Vezeroy Asklenius for the following info and explaination -

Neither MS, nor Sony will waste time and money to develop their own commands to use the GPUs.
For every single chip out there, it is ALWAYS the supplier who provides the list of commands to access all of the features of a chip.

And believe it or not, all GCN GPUs will certainly listen to the same commands.
MS and Sony have implemented these commands in their own APIs, which address more than just the GPU and CPU.
Both of them can claim, they don't support Mantle - and by definition, this is true.
However, they both use the same commands as in Mantle to access every single bit of the GPU.

To sum it up (again):
MS and sony use their own APIs, but inside they use the same commands as Mantle.

You just have to ask the right questions - like the NSA inquiry^^

Reporter: "Do you use / support Mantle in XB1?"
MS/Sony: "No"

Reporter: "Do you use the same commands as in Mantle to access the GPU?"
MS/Sony: *squirms a bit, and doesn't want to look into the reporters eyes* "Well... ... yeah... we do"
3 1 [Posted by: linuxlowdown  | Date: 11/06/13 07:47:20 PM]

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1 6 [Posted by: ericore  | Date: 11/06/13 01:24:48 AM]
- collapse thread

I'm so sorry about your brain cancer diagnostic.
Hopefully, Nvidia will find a way to implement gsync chips in brains to replace the parts damaged by the surgery. Perhaps you'll be able to control your legs using a Shield console?
1 1 [Posted by: MHudon  | Date: 11/07/13 08:09:37 AM]

AMD GCN rockz......
7 2 [Posted by: tks  | Date: 11/06/13 02:44:17 AM]
- collapse thread

These three words you post everywhere are really getting you lots of thumbs up! I'm jealous!
1 0 [Posted by: MHudon  | Date: 11/07/13 08:12:39 AM]

5. the time to replace my Green GPU to Red already come??".
1 0 [Posted by: jpunk  | Date: 11/08/13 03:37:05 AM]
- collapse thread

Yep, because if you don't do it now, you'll have to wait until Q4 2014 before Nvidia release their next generation core. But still, it will not be Mantle supported. AMD will only open up the API once Nvidia are walking dead with a home oxygen bottle. Nvidia are being beaten down hard, despite attempts to Shield itself.
0 0 [Posted by: linuxlowdown  | Date: 11/08/13 05:08:08 AM]


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