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As we told you in early September, S3 Graphics plans to formally announce another graphics processor this year. It seems that our sources were correct again and at the weekend S3 Graphics placed a number of documents concerning the up and coming DeltaChrome processor (formerly known under the code-name “Columbia”) on their web-site. Either S3 Graphics’ server was too old, or, what is hardly believable, there were too lot of people trying to learn something about the new VPU from S3, but currently S3’s web-site is not available.

The graphics processor has been being sampled since September, so, now it seems to be the right time for the formal announcement. If you still remember the late nineties, S3 Graphics was known for their strange behaviour on the market and rather buggy products in the past and it seems that will also be known for the same at present. Their AlphaChrome aka Savage XP unveiled in early June has never seen the light of the day and now there were no press-conferences or any pri-announcements for media about the DeltaChrome documents appearance. In fact, there is nothing to announce: there were just a few papers about some of the DeltaChrome’s technologies, containing either those technical details that were already learned by us from the unofficial sources, or such technologies that should be examined with the actual hardware.

The DeltaChrome graphics processor has 8 rendering pipelines with 1 TMU per each, supports DirectX 9.0 functions, including Pixel Shaders 2.0 and Vertex Shaders 2.0. The chip is targeted to run at 300 - 400MHz and is going to be manufactured using TSMC’s 0.13 micron technology. I believe the GPU is more likely to work at 300 or 340MHz rather than at 360 to 400MHz due to the fact that VIA has no experience in creating such complex VPUs. The chip itself should incorporate a number of interesting multimedia features, so, still can be a nice rival for the RADEON 9500 PRO or NV31-based graphics cards.

Well, I would probably learn more details on the forthcoming VPU to share with you if S3 Graphics’ web-site was available at the moment the news-story was being written. All I can do now is to congratulate S3’s technical staff with successful installation of Apache Tomcat/4.1.12 software.

Well, at least, the Delta Chrome VPU is now unofficially revealed on paper. Great style of work!

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