NVIDIA NV35 Technical Specifications Unveiled!

by Anton Shilov
04/15/2003 | 08:02 AM

Even Top Secret facts usually leak quite easily and become known by loads of people all around the World Wide Web. All the companies actually dislike it, especially when we leak some facts that can affect their sales somehow, but they can do nearly nothing against it since when the information is “on hold” in one place it usually leaks in another and totally unexpected place.


At this time some PRobably interesting facts about the forthcoming NV35 graphics processor emerged over here from a guy whose nick-name is Uttar and who is quite famous in NVIDIA community already. If you are under NDA, or do not want to read anything about an unannounced product, please close your eyes now and press “backspace” button on your keyboard, if no, enjoy the PR stuff about the next-generation GeForce FX graphics processor:

As you see, no direct information about the number of pipelines as well as the working frequencies of the part, but still you can guess that the NV35 is not something brand-new, but a good successor of the GeForce FX 5800 aka NV30. Some features are in, some are out, but we will know it for sure only between the 14th and the 16th of May at E3 show in Los Angeles, USA. Nvidia will be reportedly exhibiting its NV35 in the South Hall, on the stand 1636.

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