ATI R360 Pictures Hit the Web

Witness the Perfection

by Anton Shilov
09/24/2003 | 06:31 AM

Pictures of ATI Technologies’ RADEON 9800 PRO XT graphics cards based on the code-named R360 graphics chip hit the web here and here, shortly after the first NVIDIA NV38-based graphics cards’ photos appearnace on the World Wide Web and republished by X-bit labs on Monday.


Click to enlarge.

You read it first at our web-site a month ago that ATI would utilize a totally redesigned cooling solution on its new high-end R360 powered graphics cards coming out this Fall, now you have a chance to see the picture worth a thousand words.

Looks like the heat-sink is made of copper, while the fan is mounted in order to exhaust warm air from the hot VPU inside the computer case. Since the fan itself if large, I do not expect it to be too loud, and, yes, the whole cooler is a single-slot solution.

ATI RADEON 9800 PRO XT graphics cards with 128 and 256MB of memory are expected to start hitting the stores soon enough and I even think that there will be plenty of such graphics cards in retail right after the announcement. Pricing should resemble that of the RADEON 9800 PRO 128MB and 256MB family: $399 for a 128MB graphics card and $499 for a 256MB RADEON 9800 PRO XT graphics card.