GeIL GT2 RADEON 9800 PRO – The Worlds Fastest Graphics Card?

by Anton Shilov
10/24/2003 | 11:53 PM

A manufacturer of high-performance memory chips for computer enthusiasts is said to establish a new business for itself in the field of graphics cards for hardcore gamers. According to an Ukrainian web-site called, GeIL, mostly known for its innovative memory modules, will release a special series of overclocked RADEON 9800 PRO graphics cards in about a month time.


Given ATI’s efficient RADEON 9800 PRO architecture and GeIL’s expertise in overclocking, the GT2 RADEON 9800 PRO promises to be the fastest graphics cards in the world that is available in the market.

Default engine and memory clocks for the GeIL GT2 RADEON 9800 PRO are 445MHz and 740MHz respectively, even higher than that of the RADEON 9800 XT. It is interesting to note that GeIL will not use its own PCB design for the graphics card, but will acquire the typical devices with 128MB of DDR SDRAM memory from manufacturers like PC Partner or CP Technology and then select the graphics cards that work stably on such high speeds.

In an attempt to improve stability and overclockability of its GT2 RADEON 9800 PRO graphics cards, GeIL will equip them with a cooling solution from ThermalTake featuring a powerful fan and heat-pipes.

What is the most important about the potentially world’s most-powerful graphics solution, its pricing is expected to be $399, not considerably higher compared to the value of ordinary RADEON 9800 PRO graphics cards with 128MB of memory.

Actual performance of GeIL GT2 RADEON 9800 PRO is higher compared to original ATI RADEON 9800 PRO by roughly 15%, according to a review available over here.