ABIT, ATI, Intel to Push PCI Express Graphics into the Market

ABIT to Supply RADEON X600 XT Graphics Cards to Leading PC Makers

by Anton Shilov
06/25/2004 | 12:37 PM

ABIT, one of the world’s leading producers of mainboards and graphics cards intended for enthusiasts and overclockers, said Friday it would supply samples of its PCI Express x16 graphics cards to “Top 300 system integrators” chosen by ATI Technologies and Intel Corporation. The move may boost sales of the Taiwan-based computer components manufacturer, if the system integrators find ABIT’s graphics cards reliable.


Under the terms of the agreement between ATI Technologies, Intel Corporation and ABIT, the latter will supply 300 ATI RADEON X600 XT-based graphics cards to an array of system integrators that are considered to be the most important customers among SIs of Intel Corporation and ATI Technologies.

ABIT’s RX600 XT-PCIE graphics card is made according to ABIT’s own design and carries ATI RADEON X600 XT graphics processor clocked at 500MHz, 128MB of DDR SDRAM memory operating at 730MHz as well as robust set of outputs: D-Sub, DVI-I and TV-Out. ATI RADEON X600 XT graphics chip is a flavour of ATI RADEON 9600 XT visual processing unit with 4 rendering pipelines and native support for PCI Express x16 interconnection.

The initiative is aimed to promote the PCI Express x16 interconnection for graphics cards and appropriate platforms – i915P and i925X – that were introduced earlier this week by Intel. ABIT believes that its RX600 XT-PCIE graphics cards will be an optimal choice for performance-mainstream systems powered by Intel’s latest platforms.

It is not clear whether other makers of add-in components will supply samples of their products to the “Top 300 system integrators”. ABIT did not disclose the names of system integrators. Typically, big computer makers, such as Dell and HP, choose their manufacturing partners themselves and do not follow promotional acts conducted by third-parties.

ABIT said it supplies a family of graphics cards containing different PCI Express x16 SKUs based on the latest visual processing units from ATI, including RX800 XT PE-PCIE, RX800 XT-PCIE, RX600 XT-PCIE, RX600 Pro-256PCIE, RX600 Pro-128PCIE, RX300 SE-PCIE products.