ATI Ships HDTV Tuner for PCs

ATI Enables HDTV on Personal Computers

by Anton Shilov
08/16/2004 | 03:47 PM

ATI Technologies said Monday it had begun to supply its HDTV WONDER product, a TV-tuner that can receive both analogue and HDTV signals. The release does not bring HDTV revolution, but enables customers to watch high definition television using a relatively inexpensive device and a personal computer.


HDTV WONDER incorporates ATI’s own NXT2004 VSB/QAM receiver designed to receive off-air DTV signals in a wide variety of challenging terrestrial signal reception environments. NXT2004 integrates features such as advanced multi-path cancellation, tuner control and all-digital carrier recovery circuitry that eliminates the need for any other external components.

Later during the year ATI will unveil its HDTV WONDER that will support analogue NTSC (National Television Standards Committee) cable and will allow consumers to experience the new ATSC (Advanced Television Systems Committee) digital, free-to-air HDTV broadcasts without having to subscribe to cable or satellite subscription services, according to ATI’s claim earlier this year.

“Over 50% of TV shows and growing are currently broadcast in HDTV. Over 80% of USA households get five or more DTV channels,” ATI Technologies stated.

The National Association of Broadcasters reports there are currently 1155 DTV stations on air in 203 markets, serving 99.42% of the United States’ TV households.

The HDTV WONDER sports a list of capabilities ATI’s ALL-IN-WONDER lineup has to offer, such as watch, pause and record live analog TV, DTV and HDTV and even burn HDTV to DVD’s and CD’s.

HDTV WONDER is compatible with graphics cards supporting Microsoft DirectX 9.0 and having 64Mb or greater of memory. Currently ATI ships its new product for $199 with remote controller.