ATI Unveils New ALL-IN-WONDER Graphics Cards


by Anton Shilov
09/09/2004 | 09:35 AM

ATI Technologies said on Thursday it had redefined the market of graphics cards with multimedia capabilities with its new ALL-IN-WONDER product that is powered by one of the world’s highest performing graphics chips and brings some new capabilities to video and gaming enthusiasts.


ALL-IN-WONDER X800 XT is based on the RADEON X800 XT visual processing unit with 16 rendering pipelines and 6 geometry engines that offers extreme performance in all games shipping today and likely to deliver decent framerate in future titles. The new AIW X800 XT graphics card is the first in its class to support dual – D-Sub and DVI-I – monitor outputs in addition to typical set of TV, FM and VIVO capabilities.

Markham, Ontario-based ATI Technologies also changed the equipment of its AIW X800 XT: it now features a revamped TV-Tuner that is based on RF technology from Microtune and can receive up to 125 PAL and SECAM channels in addition to FM radio, additionally, the set of connectors now also includes SCART support for customers in Europe, as well as THEATER 200 chip that handles VIVO caps.

“With the successes of several generations of ALL-IN-WONDER and MULTIMEDIA CENTER software, we’re committed to enhancing the digital computer experience while building upon ATI’s video and software innovations for PC,” said Godfrey Cheng, Director of Marketing, Multimedia Products, ATI Technologies.

Like all the other AIW graphics cards, the newcomer comes with unique set of capabilities for home entertainment, including TV-ON-DEMAND, EAZYLOOK, MulTView, THRUVIEW and Gemstar GUIDE Plus+ as well as REMOTE WONDER II radio-frequency controller.

ATI promises to ship the ALL-IN-WONDER X800 XT AGP flavour this Fall in the USA. The AIW X800 XT will be available with a manufacturers suggested retail price of $499 from major computer retailers and ATI’s own online store. ATI’s European add-in-board manufacturers, including Connect3D, Hightech Information System Limited, Info-Tek Corporation, Sapphire Technology Limited, and Tul Corporation, will offer ALL-IN-WONDER X800 XT in various configurations later this year.