ATI Targets Financial Community with New Products

ATI Offers Graphics Cards with Quad Display Support

by Anton Shilov
10/27/2004 | 08:14 AM

ATI Technologies, the world’s largest supplier of graphics processors, unveiled on Tuesday its new FireMV 2D workstation graphics accelerators, giving users in financial trading, process control and distribution control markets a wide range of low-profile options for their systems.


Available in both PCI and PCI Express configurations, both the FireMV 2200 and FireMV 2400 are low-profile graphics accelerators featuring 64MB and 256MB of memory. Quad monitor output support will be available with the FireMV 2400 while the FireMV 2200 supports dual monitor output and will be available for customers samples beginning in December.

“The FireMV line leverages ATI’s experience with low power high performance mobility devices to offer fanless solutions for increased product lifespan and reliability without compromise of quality,” the company said in its statement.

ATI now provides corporate customers with a complete range of ATI products for their day-to-day use, with the superior image quality and stability which has helped to make ATI the technology leader in graphics.

ATI’s FireMV products are supported by a WHQL unified driver, which is tested and certified for a wide range of professional 2D software packages, including Hummingbird Exceed and Citrix, ensuring system administration and upgrades are cost effective and simple. All FireMV products come with a three year warranty and unlimited direct access to a dedicated workstation technical support team.

ATI did not reveal pricing details of the FireMV products. The company also remained tight-lipped over the graphics processors used on the FireMV graphics cards.