ATI Improves Image and Video Quality with Avivo Technology.

ATI Unveils Avivo Technology

by Anton Shilov
09/21/2005 | 02:33 PM

ATI Technologies has introduced its new technology designed to improve image and video quality on personal computers. The Avivo includes both hardware and software capabilities and will be available on some of ATI’s multimedia products as well as on all next-generation RADEON products, which are to be available in weeks.


“As the world’s leading supplier of reception and display solutions for high end digital televisions, ATI is delivering the world's leading video and display technologies to the PC. ATI's Avivo benefits anyone who edits digital photos, enjoys a home theater PC, or plays PC games,” said Rick Bergman, Senior Vice President, PC Business Unit, ATI Technologies.

The Avivo hardware includes hardware video encoding, decoding, capturing (a special video capturing chip may be needed) as well as output capabilities. While those features have been available on the personal computer (PC) for more than a decade already, Avivo seriously revamps the whole pipeline in a bid to provide high-end consumer electronics quality on the PC.

All digital photo and video files are processed through a series of steps before being displayed on PC monitors. A flaw in any one of these steps will produce a less accurate video or image. ATI’s Avivo refines all of the steps to ensure the best photo and video experience, the company said. Among the main advantages of Avivo ATI noted the following:

Avivo will be an integral component in all of ATI’s upcoming desktop, mobile, chipset, workstation, and software products, according to the company.