Nvidia Changes Logotype

Nvidia Modifies Logo

by Anton Shilov
08/15/2006 | 11:53 PM

Nvidia Corp., one of the world’s leading developers of graphics processors, has quietly changed its official logotype. It is unclear whether with the logotype the company will also change something within itself.


The new logotype emphasizes Nvidia’s recommendations to write its name in capital letters, whereas the old logotype had the first letter in italic. Also, the new one has a little bit more modern look and should also point out the strength of the company, as the font used on it is much “stronger” than the one on the old logo.

In addition to logotype, the company also altered some of the corporate trademarks outlook.

Last year Nvidia officials already hinted on the possibility to change logotype of the company, however, they expected the switch to be completed by late 2005.