Intel Looking Forward “High Performance Graphics” Engineers

Intel Hires Additional “High Performance Graphics” Staff

by Anton Shilov
08/16/2006 | 03:11 AM

Intel Corp., the world’s largest maker of microprocessors and chipsets, is looking for a specialist to develop future “high performance graphics” technologies. While the company does not define for what project it needs the additional staff, it may be suspected that the company is increasing the number of specialists to work on a discrete graphics processing unit (GPU), or a graphics core integrated into a central processing unit (CPU).


According to CareerBuilder web-site, Larrabee development group (LDG), which is a part of Intel’s digital enterprise group (DEG), is working “on next generation of leading edge graphics technologies” and is looking for a new staff member.

The description reads that LDG is “seeking lead hardware graphics engineers/architects in all aspects of graphics development”, including “component architecture, micro-architecture and performance simulation development”. The text further states that in this position, “you will have direct previous experience with CPU and graphics product development”. As a lead architect/engineer the employee will be expected to “help drive requirements for hardware interfaces and substantially influence the software architecture/execution direction”. Accelenation web-site suspects that this may point to rumours about Intel’s possible return to the market of discrete graphics components.

While the possibility for Intel to develop a graphics core is fairly high, as the company is continuously hiring new staff members (for instance, the chipmaker now employs several people from the former 3Dlabs workstation graphics team), another project that involves experience of CPU and GPU development could be a processor that combines general-purpose processing and graphics processing capability. Earlier this year Intel already confirmed intention to build such a chip.

In addition to the aforementioned position, Intel is also looking for a developer of “sample DirectX applications, whitepapers, and conference presentations that demonstrate advanced or new rendering technologies on innovative new graphics hardware”. Besides, Intel is looking for an experienced technical marketing manager to “build and manage a high performing technical marketing team to deliver best in class graphics products”. The responsibilities of the aforementioned are as follows:

Officials for Intel Corp. did not comment on the news-story.