Nvidia Touts GeForce 7900 GTO Graphics Card

Nvidia to Roll Out GeForce 7900 GTO

by Anton Shilov
09/05/2006 | 11:41 PM

Nvidia Corp. has quietly added a set of new products into the list of supported graphics cards of a new ForceWare driver. While the company remains traditionally tight-lipped over the specs, they are available in various online stores already and the fact that the products are supported by the new drivers points that the launch dates are nearing.


Nvidia GeForce 7900 GS and never-mentioned-before GeForce 7900 GTO are noted as supported by ForceWare 91.47 drivers. The highly-discussed GeForce 7950 GT is not mentioned, however, as is known from previous reports, Nvidia is looking forward to refresh and reshuffle the GeForce 7900-series lineup this Fall.

Overclockers.co.uk online store is currently taking orders on the GeForce 7900 GTO graphics cards, which are claimed to have GeForce 7900 GTX graphics chip that features 24 pixel shader and 8 vertex processors and operates at 650MHz onboard along with 512MB of 1320MHz memory. Priced at ?199.74 including value added tax (VAT), this board is a hybrid of the fully fledged GeForce 7900 GTX (650MHz core, 1600MHz memory) and GeForce 7900 GT (450MHz core, 1320MHz memory). The online store expects 2 thousand GeForce 7900 GTO units to arrive on September 11, 2006.

“This card is more or less identical to any other 7900 GTX on the market accept for two differences. The first is its memory is clocked slower and secondly, look at the price. Performance wise these cards are only approx 3-5% slower than a 7900 GTX with full speed memory, but you can easily overclock these cards as well. So when you consider the price, this is an amazing deal. Be quick! Stock will soon be gone!” claims an ad text at the web-site.

Earlier it was reported that Nvidia plans to release its GeForce 7950 GT product, which features 24 pixel processors, 8 vertex processors and 512MB of memory. The graphics card will come clocked at 550MHz for the chip and 1400MHz for the memory, as compared to GeForce 7900 GTX’s 650MHz/1600MHz clock-speeds and GeForce 7900 GT’s 450MHz/1320MHz. The product was claimed to be priced at $299.

Nvidia did not comment on the news-story.