Nvidia Claims Inclusion Sapphire to Partners List – A Mistake

Nvidia Says It Mixed Sapphire with New Partner Zogis

by Anton Shilov
09/07/2006 | 01:20 AM

Leading maker of graphics processors Nvidia Corp. said that Sapphire Technology, a dedicated ATI Technologies partner, was included into the list of its add-in-card partners by mistake. The company said that it had mixed it with Nvidia’s newsly-established partner called Zogis Electonics Ltd.


“There was a mistake in our release, Sapphire name should have been Power Color/Zogis. Power Color/Zogis it is a new brand fueled by Nvidia’s latest technology, and marketing effort is powered by the same team that managed Power Color USA. But Zogis has no relations to Tul Corp., the manufacturer for the Power Color brand,” said Luciano Alibrandi, a spokesman for Nvidia.

Not only Nvidia refers to Miami, Florida-based graphics cards supplier Zogis as “Power Color/Zogis”, as a quick search using Google revealed that several online stores used to refer Zogis graphics boards as to “Power Color/Zogis” due to unknown reasons.

Earlier today Sapphire’s officials also said that he did not know anything about partnership with Nvidia and claimed that inclusion of his company to the list of Nvidia’s partners was a mistake. The company stressed it was wrongly included in this announcement and the latter was not authorized by Sapphire. The position of the firm has not changed and no decision so far concerning working with Nvidia has been made. Sapphire indicated that it was satisfied with its partnership with ATI and looked forward to the continued close relationship that the firm had enjoyed for over half of a decade.

On Wednesday Nvidia Corp. said that among others “leading add-in-card partners” Hong Kong Sapphire Technology as a provider of GeForce 7900 GS and GeForce 7950 GT-based graphics cards. The ties between Sapphire, Power Color and Zogis are unclear, however, an industry source said that PC Partner, a company affiliated with Sapphire Technology, makes Nvidia-based graphics boards.