S3 Graphics Reveals New-Generation Graphics Processor

S3 Unveils GPU with Built-In Audio Core, Starts to Sell Chrome 530 GT Graphics Card

by Anton Shilov
11/20/2008 | 12:09 PM

S3 Graphics, a wholly owned subsidiary of Via Technologies, on Thursday formally unveiled a new-generation low-cost graphics processing unit (GPU) that has up-to-date functionality as well as built-in graphics core that is needed for easy installation during high-definition video playback. The new core is unlikely to bring new performance heights, though.


“S3 Graphics has built upon the success of the Chrome 400 Series with another GPU line that fulfills user demand of a superior visual experience and product that extends beyond just graphics. Our latest Chrome 500 supports features that surpass those found in higher-end products, like high quality HD video support. This truly is a power-efficient multimedia/multi-application processor that delivers,” said Dr. Ken Weng, general manager of S3 Graphics.

S3 Graphics Chrome 530 GT graphics chip supports DirectX 10.1/OpenGL 3.0 functionality and features built-in audio core with 7.1 output support via HDMI. The chip also features high-definition video decoder that supports hardware acceleration of H.264, MPEG2 HD and VC-1 formats as well as high-def video post-processing capabilities.

Based on what is known about the Chrome 500-series chip, it seems that it hardly has any architectural differences compared to Chrome 400-series processors. Therefore, it is unlikely that that the new chip will actually bring any performance improvements in demanding 3D video games.

S3 Graphics positions its new product as a solution for media playback and not latest games. The Chrome 530 GT graphics card, which is equipped with 512MB of memory with 64-bit bus, DVI and HDMI outputs, costs just $44.95 from the company’s online store.