ATI Expected to Beat Nvidia with DirectX 11 Chip Time-to-Market

ATI RV870 Expected to Arrive in Late July, Nvidia GT300 Rumoured to Ship in October

by Anton Shilov
04/19/2009 | 02:39 PM

Nvidia Corp. was the first to market with its DirectX 10 graphics processor, but its arch-rival ATI, graphics products group of Advanced Micro Devices, may be the first with its DirectX 11 graphics chip. According to rumours, code-named ATI RV870 graphics processing unit will be launched in late July, whereas Nvidia’s code-named GT300 is projected to be released in October.


The new generation of graphics processors with DirectX 11 capabilities will not only further boost functionality of chips, but will also bring new levels of performance. Since there are months before the launches of both RV870 and GT300, specifications of the newcomers have not leaked yet. According to Heise Online, AMD plans to release its RV870 in late July or early August; meanwhile, according to The Inquirer web-site, Nvidia’s GT300 will only be shipped on October 15, if everything goes as planned.

Both ATI/AMD and Nvidia are interested in launching their new graphics chips along with the release of Windows 7 operating system, which may catalyze more users to acquire new personal computers. Sales of graphics cards collapsed as a consequence of the global recession and the launch of new generation of GPUs can also improve sales of graphics adapters.

DirectX 11 further improves programmability of graphics processors and allows software developers to more efficiently use graphics chips for general-purpose computing.

AMD and Nvidia did not comment on the news-story.