Nearly Half of PCs Will Utilize Multi-GPU Tech in 2012 – Jon Peddie Research

Multi-GPU Popularity Set to Grow, Claims Analyst

by Anton Shilov
07/31/2009 | 11:47 PM

Even though not everyone likes the multi-GPU technologies as they exist today, in future, multi-GPU systems will account for about 50% of all desktop personal computers, claims Jon Peddie Research.


The market opportunity for multiple graphics cards used in gaming, workstations, and the developing market of GPU-compute has a potential of an 83% compound annual growth rate, according to JPR. In fact, even in 2009, despite of the global economic recession the number of desktop personal computers featuring several graphics processors will be around 8 million units, which is quite a high number.

Growing popularity of multi-GPU-based systems means increase of total available market for graphics cards, a good news for companies that develop discrete graphics processors as well as add-in boards makers. Typically TAM for discrete GPUs is about 80 million units per year, therefore, if about 50% of PCs feature more than one graphics processor, the total available market for standalone graphics chips may easily grow to significantly more than 100 million units a year.

Based on the image, there will be nearly half of PCs powered by a multi-GPU technology, such as ATI CrossFire or Nvidia SLI, in 2012.