First Images of ATI’s Forthcoming Entry-Level DirectX 11 Graphics Card Emerge

$50 DirectX 11 Graphics Board Pictured

by Anton Shilov
01/15/2010 | 09:56 AM

The first images of what is believed to be ATI’s forthcoming entry-level DirectX 11 graphics solutions have emerged on the Internet. The outlook of graphics card is hardly surprising and resembles that of low-end solutions that were available five or even more years ago.


The pre-release version of graphics card based on code-named ATI Cedar graphics processor looks very similar to that of the low-cost flavor of ATI Radeon HD 4550 graphics cards. The board features three – DVI-I, HDMI and D-Sub – outputs, four memory chips as well as a very simplistic active cooler. Similar design has been used by ATI, graphics business unit of Advanced Micro Devices, for over five years now for its entry-level products.

ATI Radeon HD 5500-series Cedar graphics processor consists of 242 million of transistors and is produced using 40nm process technology at TSMC. The chip sports 80 stream processors, 8 texture units, 4 render back ends and 64-bit memory controller that supports GDDR5, GDDR3 and DDR3 memory. Performance of the forthcoming Radeon HD 5500-series graphics cards is projected to be over 120GFLOP/s, which is considerably below that of more advanced solutions. It is unlikely that the model HD 5550 will be much faster than the model HD 4550 in video games as well, based on specifications.

The photos of what is claimed to be ATI Cedar engineering sample appeared in forums of web-site.