Stereo 3D Will Be Adopted by Both Consumers and Professionals – Chief Executive Officer of Nvidia

Nvidia 3D Vision Coming to Quadro, Says Head of Nvidia

by Anton Shilov
02/17/2010 | 11:04 PM

Chief executive officer of Nvidia Corp. said that going forward stereoscopic 3D technology will be adopted by both consumers and professionals. Firstly, Nvidia 3D Vision is projected to redefine the market of gaming personal computers; secondly, it is going to become a part of Nvidia Quadro product line, according to the CEO.


“3D is going to be really big and is going to redefine what a gaming notebook is going to be, just as gaming PC is going to be. Just as SLI did a few years ago, defined what a gaming PC is, 3D Vision will now. […] We are expecting 3D Vision to be adopted by nearly every PC OEM in the world. They will also be adopted by the workstation market. So 3D Vision is going to be important,” said Jen-Hsun Huang, chief exec of Nvidia, during a quarterly conference call with financial analysts.

It is clear that professionals, who will design stereo 3D video games or master stereo 3D movies will have to use some kind of stereo 3D technology to see the actual result. However, the interesting question is whether those professionals will actually be able to wear active shutter glasses that power Nvidia 3D Vision technology for a whole day without substantial impact on their health. It should be noted that due to the same reasons adoption of stereo 3D in other professional segment is unlikely, hence, the impact of 3D Vision technology on Nvidia’s Quadro business should not be overestimated.

Nvidia on Wednesday reported revenue of $982.5 million for the fourth quarter of fiscal 2010 ended January 31, 2010, up 9% from the previous quarter and more than double the $481.1 million reported in the same period a year earlier. For the full fiscal year, revenue was $3.3 billion compared with $3.4 billion for the fiscal year ended Jan. 25, 2009, a decrease of 3%.

Professional graphics cards, Nvidia Quadro, accounted for about 16% of the company’s revenue for the Q4 FY2010, or approximately $157.8 million.