ATI Radeon HD 6970 "Cayman" to Provide Significant Performance Boost - Graphics Cards Maker.

Performance Difference Between "Barts" and "Cayman" Expected to Be 50%

by Ilya Gavrichenkov
11/16/2010 | 11:00 PM

The highest-performing Radeon HD 6000-series graphics processing unit (GPU) code-named Cayman is expected to deliver 30% - 50% performance increase compared to the recently released Radeon HD 6870 graphics card. The increase is not a major one to say at least, considering the fact that the model 6870 is slower than the previous-generation Radeon HD 5870.


"We believe that the [Radeon HD 6900] will be the No. 1 on the market and no one [will be able to] compete with AMD. We believe that the performance of the new-generation Radeon HD 6900 will be 30% to 50% higher compared to the Radeon HD 6800-series," said Eliane Liao, a spokeswoman for Power Color, in an interview with Donanim Haber web-site.

Even though representatives for graphics cards suppliers are supposed to know performance levels of future products, developers of GPUs tend to finalize specifications on the last minute and therefore actual performance results differ from predicted levels.

In case Ms. Liao is correct and the Radeon HD 6970 - the fastest single-chip Cayman-based graphics card - will be about 40% faster than the Radeon HD 6870 on average, the novelty will deliver performance comparable or higher than the GeForce HD 480, but will not be able to compete head-to-head against Nvidia Corp.'s new flagship offering, the GeForce GTX 580.

The spokeswoman for Power Color also confirmed intention to release dual-chip Radeon HD 6990 graphics solution, which, according to ATI, graphics business unit of Advanced Micro Devices, will be on the market in Q1 2011. With the power of two Cayman graphics processors, the model HD 6990 will leave behind the GeForce GTX 580, but this will happen months after the launch of the latter.

The Radeon HD 6950 and 6970 graphics cards will be available in mid-December, 2010.