Victims of Nvidia GPU Failures Are Unhappy

End-Users Condemn HP, Nvidia, Laws

by Anton Shilov
02/06/2011 | 01:58 PM

Even though Nvidia Corp., one of the largest suppliers of GPUs in the world, is providing some kind on reimbursements to those, who suffered from the problems with failed Nvidia GeForce-based notebooks, it looks like not everyone is happy. Apparently, Nvidia only provides inexpensive notebooks even to those, who acquired business-class laptops.


"Nvidia is trying to issue one size fits all cheap economy class Compaq notebook computers to all afflicted HP owners no matter the specification or equipment installed on the afflicted owner’s notebook. The disparity ranges from $100s to $1000s of dollars and is clearly a violation of the good faith intent of the judge’s order," a person, who suffered, said in an e-mail to X-bit labs.

Nvidia insists that its actions are everything, but correct.

"Nvidia is complying with the Court order to fund repairs of existing consumer computers. In HP's case, they said they could not repair [customers'] computers because while Nvidia could supply them replacement processors, HP said they could not obtain all the other parts necessary for the repairs. So Nvidia is funding several options for replacement computers for HP consumers. Although we do not feel there was one exact cause of this problem, Nvidia has stepped forward and worked with our customers who provide the computer systems to provide remedies where we can," said Ken Brown, a spokesperson with Nvidia.

While the issues with Nvidia's GPU are known and admitted by the Santa Clara, California-based company, builders of actual systems could have provided decent solutions since they are responsible too. In fact, Nvidia provides different options to purchasers of failed notebooks. Unfortunately, the program works only in the U.S.