Barco Adopts AMD Eyefinity for Media Imaging

AMD Eyefinity Now Powers Medical Applications

by Anton Shilov
02/08/2011 | 09:17 PM

Advanced Micro Devices on Tuesday announced that medical imaging specialist Barco has selected ATI FirePro 3D professional graphics technology for inclusion in its MXRT-series display controller products for demanding medical imaging applications. ATI FirePro professional graphics cards bring Eyefinity multi-display technology to the marker of media imaging.


Barco offers a line of mammography, surgical, diagnostic and clinical review displays and the company relies on ATI FirePro professional graphics to control these displays. Barco's extensive line-up of high-precision display systems, including the MXRT-5400 and MXRT-7400, help radiology professionals and doctors more easily see a broader scope of patient details, resulting in increased accuracy and efficiency when developing diagnoses.

ATI FirePro 3D professional graphics cards are immediately available with the Barco MXRT-5400 and MXRT-7400 display controllers, delivering enhanced visual imaging and performance to the medical field.

Radiology professionals working with MRI, CT and Mammography medical imaging systems need multiple displays to review patient information and their images simultaneously, or review several large scans at once. While using more than one display is not a new concept for medical imaging, the ability to drive three large, high resolution 5 or 10 megapixel displays from one professional graphics card is.

"Our latest line of MXRT display controllers are built with the ATI FirePro 3D technology for leading-edge performance, flexibility and reliability. Driving three displays with just one graphics card strengthens our all-in-one approach which saves space on the PC, simplifies installation, reduces power consumption and assures fast data transfers," said Lynda Domogalla, marketing director at Barco.

ATI FirePro professional graphics enable high quality, high resolution 10-bit grayscale 2D output for medical imaging professionals, providing 1,024 shades of gray, while delivering high performance 3D acceleration.