AMD to Discuss Peculiarities of Next-Generation Graphics Processors in Mid-June

AMD to Talk About GPU Evolution at Fusion Development Summit

by Anton Shilov
04/05/2011 | 04:15 PM

Advanced Micro Devices on Tuesday said that it would reveal some of the details about the company's next-generation graphics processing units (GPUs) at its AMD Fusion Development Summit (AFDS) that takes place in mid-June. In addition, AMD will reveal trends about future directions of accelerated processing units (APUs) and software development.


During his keynote at the AFDS, Eric Demers, Eric Demers, AMD corporate vice president and chief technology officer at graphics division of the company, will recap the evolution of GPUs in the recent years, including the latest VLIW5 and VLIW4 core architectures and instruction sets. But more importantly Mr. Demers will present an overview of the next generation of AMD cores under development, which will propel forward new capabilities and continue the GPU evolution.

While it is not completely clear what kind of peculiarities of next-generation graphics processors will be revealed at the summit, it is highly likely that going forward both AMD and its arch-rival Nvidia will attempt to make GPUs more programmable and better suitable not only for graphics processing, but also for complex computing.

Later during this year AMD is projected to release its first graphics processing units made using 28nm process technology code-named Southern Islands. The SI family is projected to support DirectX 11 functionality along with architectural improvements and some new features. Theoretically, the company may start revealing architectural peculiarities about the chips behind closed doors in order to let software designers to prepare their software for new chips.

In addition, Phil Rogers, AMD corporate fellow and lead architect for AMD Fusion APU programmability, will presents "The Programmer's Guide to the APU Galaxy", a presentation that will help to gain "invaluable insights" during this software developer's view of AMD Fusion APU architecture and how its benefits enable developers to push power and performance to the highest of levels.