AMD Develops New Overdrive 6 Dynamic Overclocking Technology for Graphics Cards

AMD Radeon HD 8000 Could Feature More Sophisticated Overclocking Technology

by Anton Shilov
02/05/2013 | 08:05 PM

Advanced Micro Devices is reportedly developing a much more sophisticated dynamic overclocking technology for its next-generation graphics processing units. The new Overdrive 6 technology will control and adjust GPU and memory clock-speeds within certain ranges depending on activity, temperature, power consumption and other factors.


At present AMD’s graphics solutions can speed up their fans during increased activity and overheat. Recently, AMD added PowerTune with Boost technology that can speed up GPUs to the maximum pre-specified clock-speed or reduce the frequency in case of overload or overheat. The current technology cannot adjust clock-speed depending on the actual task and therefore the maximum boost speed is a value pre-set with certain applications in-mind.

Recently, AMD added mentions of Overdrive 6 technology into the latest version of AMD display library (ADL), TechPowerUp web-site has discovered. The Overdrive 6 is likely to remove numerous limitations and enable higher performance in certain cases.

AMD Overdrive 6 (OD6) will monitor different parameters (temperature, power consumption, activity, etc.) of memory and graphics processors and then set up clock-speeds for both within certain pre-specified ranges, which will allow to either boost performance to get maximum speed in a particular application or save power while retaining decent speed.

It is highly likely that AMD will implement the Overdrive 6 technology into its forthcoming Radeon HD 8000-series solutions based on Sea Islands graphics processors family, which are due in the first half of the year.

AMD did not comment on the news-story.