Intel: Next-Generation Iris Graphics Cores to Boost Performance by 2 – 3 Times Over Existing Offerings

Intel Iris Graphics Inside Core i “Haswell” Microprocessors to Double or Triple Integrated Graphics Performance

by Anton Shilov
05/02/2013 | 11:10 PM

Intel Corp. on Thursday unveiled “Iris Graphics”, the brand name that will be carried by the integrated graphics cores of the Core i-series “Haswell” microprocessors. Besides, the company said that the highest-performing Iris graphics cores will outperform the existing integrated graphics solutions by two or three times, which in some cases will bring Intel integrated graphics close to solutions from its arch-rival AMD.


“With up to two times 3D performance improvement [in 3DMark 11] over today’s fastest mobile Intel HD Graphics solutions, Intel Iris graphics brings next-generation mobile computing devices to life with a built-in, eye-popping visual experience – no extra graphics card required,” a statement by Intel reads.

Intel will offer different types of graphics cores integrated into its Core i-series “Haswell” processors: Iris Graphics Pro 5200 (40 execution units with on-package eDRAM cache memory), Iris Graphics 5100 (40 execution units), HD Graphics 5000 (40 execution units, low clock-speed), HD Graphics 4200/4400/4600 (20 execution units at different clock-speeds) and Intel HD Graphics.

The most advanced versions of Iris graphics engines will feature DirectX 11.1+ (with additional DX extensions), OpenGL 4.1, OpenCL 1.* as well as features like Intel Quick Sync Video technology, MPEG and JPEG decode acceleration, 4K UltraHD display resolution, 3-screen collage mode display mode and so one.

Intel 4th generation Core i-series "Haswell" processors with Iris Graphics, when compared to 3rd Core i "Ivy Bridge" processors, can deliver the following performance advantages:

In case Intel’s performance estimates are accurate, the Iris Graphics Pro 5200 integrated graphics offering in its best implementation (desktop chip in BGA packaging) will deliver a little higher performance compared to AMD Radeon HD 7660D core of the AMD A10-5800K application processing unit in 3DMark 11 benchmark. While the speed level can be considered as respectable, AMD is not standing still and intends to release new-generation APUs code-named Richland with higher general purpose and graphics performance this June.

Intel Iris graphics delivered with select 4th generation Intel Core i-series processor SKUs is part of Intel’s ongoing commitment to increase the processor’s graphics and media performance.  Intel Core i-series 4000-family processors will be available with either new, high-performance Intel Iris graphics or the improved baseline Intel HD Graphics. Since 2006 Intel has increased the processor’s 3D performance by 75 times as measured by 3DMark06. Additionally, Intel HD Graphics provides a power-optimized experience even when a discrete graphics solution from another vendor is used through switchable graphics technology.