PowerColor Reveals Low-Profile Radeon HD 7750 Graphics Card with Support for Four Displays

PowerColor Addresses Semi-Professional Market with LP Radeon HD 7750 with 4 mDP Connectors

by Anton Shilov
05/29/2013 | 11:20 PM



PowerColor, a leading supplier of graphics cards that belongs to Tul Corp., has unveiled the industry’s first low-profile graphics card based on AMD Radeon HD 7750 graphics processing unit that supports four displays. The new solution will address the market of semi-professional PCs that need a number of monitors, but which do not use professional software that requires certification of graphics chips.

PowerColor HD7750 Eyefinity 4 LP Edition is based on AMD Radeon HD 7750 GPU (Cape Verde Pro, 512 stream processors, 32 texture units, 16 render back ends, 128-bit memory controller), is equipped with 2GB GDDR5 memory and features four mini DisplayPort (mDP) outputs. The graphics solution fully supports AMD Eyefinity multi-display management technology. Most importantly, the HD7750 Eyefinity 4 LP Edition comes in low-profile and can be installed into slim desktops.

The graphics card can be used inside systems running trading/financial software, TV wall, transportation, monitoring, professional design, digital signage and so on. The PowerColor HD7750 Eyefinity 4 LP Edition can also be used for gaming, but performance will hardly be sufficient in modern titles.

The AMD Radeon HD 7000-series “Southern Islands” graphics processors support all the advantages that the graphics core next (GCN) architecture has to offer, including support for DirectX 11.1, OpenCL 1.2, OpenGL 4.3, PCI Express 3.0, AMD Eyefinity 2.0, ultra high-definition output support using DisplayPort 1.2, HDMI 1.4a, optimized power consumption, integrated 7.1 audio controller, stereo-3D/Blu-ray 3D support, and other new technologies.

Pricing of PowerColor HD7750 Eyefinity 4 LP Edition is unknown.