AMD Mantle Adopted by Another Leading Game Developer

Rebellion Entertainment Joins AMD Mantle Family

by Anton Shilov
11/22/2013 | 08:14 PM

Advanced Micro Devices has announced that its proprietary Mantle graphics API [application programming interface] continues to grow as game developers sign on to extract peak hardware performance in their games. Rebellion Entertainment has entered the game with its Asura engine and Sniper Elite V3.


Rebellion Entertainment has officially adopted Mantle for their upcoming Sniper Elite V3, as well as their greater "Asura" engine. The first title that will be supported by Mantle will be Sniper Elite 3. It is presently unknown what advantages will Mantle bring to games powered by Asura engine, but the most obvious are  boosts in performance as well as enhanced graphics quality.

“As one of Europe’s leading independent games studios we're dedicated to constantly pushing our technology as far as we can, and we are excited about the possibilities that Mantle brings to PC gaming and the industry as a whole. We believe that supporting Mantle will enable us to stay on the bleeding edge of PC gaming and ensure that we don’t leave any performance on the table when it comes to offering gamers amazing experiences,” said Chris Kingsley chief technology officer and co-founder of Rebellion Entertainment.

Mantle, a cross-platform application programming interface (that will only support Windows operating system initially) designed specifically for graphics processing units based on graphics core next (GCN) architecture, presenting a deeper level of hardware optimization. Being low-level API, Mantle can bypass all the bottlenecks modern PC/API architectures; according to AMD, Mantle enables nine times more draw calls per second than DirectX and OpenGL thanks to lower CPU overhead.

“It supports more platforms than almost any other engine we can think of and has important cutting edge features, including: tessellation, DirectX 11 compute shaders, AMD Eyefinity technology, multi-GPU support and more," said Mr. Kingsley.

Currently Mantle is supported by Cloud Imperium Games, Eidos-Montréal, a part of the Square Enix Group, and Oxide Games.