Gigabyte Now Bundles Battlefield 4 with AMD Radeon R9 Family of Graphics Cards

Gigabyte Adds Free Copy of Battlefield 4 to AMD Radeon R9 Graphics Boards

by Anton Shilov
12/03/2013 | 11:19 PM

Gigabyte Technology, a leading supplier of mainboards, graphics cards and other computer components, has announced that it is now bundling a free copy of Battlefield 4 video game with all of its graphics cards based on the AMD Radeon R9-series graphics processing units. Gigabyte is the second company to add the BF4 to its AMD Radeon R9 graphics adapters.


Many graphics cards manufacturers earlier bundled Battlefield 4 video game with select graphics boards since although Advanced Micro Devices participated in development of Battlefield 4 and even said that the game has special optimization for the latest Radeon graphics cards based on GCN architecture, it did not secure a deal under which the BF4 would have been available in all Never Settle bundles. As a result, many suppliers of graphics cards are bundling the title only with select models of their products.

Starting from now, all Gigabyte graphics cards based on AMD Radeon R9 290X, R9 290, R9 280X and R9 270X, including current models and upcoming models with tuned design and boosted up performance, will come with a free copy of Battlefield 4.

Being one of the highly-anticipated video games of this year, Battlefield 4 is the title that attracts loads of attention to Gigabyte graphics cards based on AMD Radeon R9-series graphics processing units (GPUs) – including code-named Tahiti, code-named Hawaii and code-named Pitcairn graphics processors – featuring GCN [graphics core next] architecture.

Battlefield 4 costs $59.99/€59.99 in Electronic Arts’ Origin store, which makes it exceptional bundle. For example, the Radeon R9 270X that costs $199 looks much better with the free BF4.