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In an attempt to improve its positions in the high-end market ABIT Computer, a company that is mostly known for its mainboards designed for overclockers, is said to introduce its Fatal1ty mainboard-series shortly, bringing extreme speed and feature-set, but only for those, who can afford this.

Designed for Gamers

With some input from one of the world’s top gamers Jonathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel, ABIT has developed a new approach to mainboard and other system components design, which results in extreme performance, advanced tweaking flexibility, robust stability and reliability without compromises in terms of anything, including price.

The document concerning ABIT Fatal1ty mainboards lineup seen by X-bit labs on Friday says that ABIT has tuned-up the feature-set and layout of Fatal1ty mainboards for gamers’ systems, removing certain legacy ports, but adding some new components, such as Fatal1ity gaming panel that is an upgraded version of ABIT’s 3rd Eye which displays all the current information available on the 3rd Eye and also provides USB, audio, FireWire, Serial ATA power/connector as well as CMOS reset button with safety cover.

Unlike other products on the market that are designed to target a number of end-user types, ABIT’s Fatal1ty will be strictly aimed at gamers, which will result in special board design and feature-set. ABIT says Fatal1ty will have few things in common with the company’s usual mainboards and will offer a lot of things unique to the ‘Fatal1ty’ family of products.

Fatal1ty AA8 – Dream Mainboard with 1066MHz Bus

The first mainboard in the Fatal1ty lineup will be ABIT AA8 Fatal1ty based on the Intel’s i925XE core-logic that sports 1066MHz processor system bus along with 533MHz DDR2 SDRAM memory and PCI Express connectivity.

The Fatal1ty AA8 will support Intel Pentium 4 processors in LGA775 form-factor, will allow to install up to 4GB of dual-channel DDR2 memory, support 4 Serial ATA ports with RAID, 1 Parallel ATA-100 port, PCI Express x16 port, 2 PCI Express x1 slots, 2 PCI slots, Dual LAN, 8 USB 2.0 ports, 3 FireWire ports and other.

In addition to Fatal1ty gaming panel, the AA8 Fatal1ty will come with numerous additional features, including OTES “Fatal1ty Signature Edition” – a special cooling system that cools-down components of mainboards, such as MOSFETs and capacitors with installed heat-sinks, redesigned Pulse Width Modulation system for advanced power stability and signal strength as well as uGuru with Fatal1ty Game Guru system – a complete system monitoring and management with a game configuration utility.

“This mainboard is designed strictly for the gaming audience. It is not a board for everyone, and it is not a stock design in a different color,” says a document seen by X-bit labs.

Overclocking – Still Aim No.1

Even though the mainboard is designed specifically for gamers, the Fatal1ty AA8 will offer extreme capabilities for overclockers. ABIT, who does not want to open all of its cards at this time, remains pretty silent about particular capabilities of the mainboard, but stresses that these features will be never-before-seen on commercial mainboards.

“Unlimited Overclocking options – users who purchase the Fatal1ty boards can register with ABIT. Upon request, the users will receive a “special” BIOS or unlocking code from ABIT. After the users unlock the code or flash with the special BIOS, they will have unlimited overclocking options for their boards.  In another words, higher voltage options and more tweaking and overclocking options will be revealed,” says ABIT’s document, but it does not state directly, which capabilities are likely to be enabled. So far one of the most highly anticipated feature for overclockers has been unlocking multiplier on Intel Pentium 4 chips, which would allow to overclock the CPU and put no additional load on other system components that results from overclocking by increasing processor’s system bus.

More ‘Fatal1ty’ Hardware Planned

In addition to ‘Fatal1ty’ mainboards designed for gamers, ABIT will also release graphics cards fuelled by visual processing units from ATI Technologies or NVIDIA Corp. tailored for extreme performance that are also expected to carry on the brand-name. Besides, PWX, a computer maker, is negotiating with some other hardware manufacturers about selling specifically designed computer components with Fatal1ty monikers on them.

With gamers kept in mind during the design of the ‘Fatal1ty’ hardware, it is anticipated that the components will feature different lighting effects that look spectacular and also bring some additional easy of use to computers that are used to play games at dark LAN parties.

With spectacular capabilities and performance ABIT wants to offer with its ‘Fatal1ty’ hardware, there is one question that still remains to be answered – the retail price for this type of luxurious hardware.


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