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Asrock, one of the most-admired makers of mainboards according to an X-bit labs survey, said that through a new BIOS update its flagship AM3+ mainboard will support AMD-specific memory modules with serial presence detect (SPD) containing special timings for microprocessors designed by AMD.

"Asrock's flagship board Fatal1ty 990FX professional is the only on-sale motherboard offering AMD AMP memory overclocking kit in the consumer market, stepping to the future memory overclocking now," a statement by Asrock reads.

Asrock indicated that its top-of-the-range Fatal1ty 990FX Professional mainboard which has AM3+ socket that supports both current FX "Bulldozer" chips as well as forthcoming FX "Piledriver" central processing units is now also compatible with AMD's AMP  (AMD Memory Profile) SPD settings which allow overclockers and enthusiasts to easily get more speed from their memory modules by choosing exact clock-speed and latency settings [which are presented] without faithfully harming the chips.

Potentially, the improvement of supporting pg AMD's AMP-compatible memory chips should enable frequencies ahead of 2.8GHz speeds (supported by Trinity officially) from default of 2.1GHz for memory, which is a rather high frequency.


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Asrock is the most admired mobo maker? Who did you survey?

Since testing shows little if any tangible gain with OC'ed RAM except on APUs, this is more marketing fluff than actual value.

When AMD actually has unified RAM access then this might mean something but for now it's mostly hype.
2 3 [Posted by: beenthere  | Date: 07/28/12 05:28:41 PM]
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To Anton's credit he did write "one of the most admired" and conveniently didn't include the number of different mobo makers we're supposed to admire. "One of" could as well be "least of many" then LOL. I'm here quite regularly and I frankly don't remember any such survey Anton refers to. Perhaps it wouldn't go amiss including a link to survey results?

And I think you're on the spot with the speed gains, that's only really relevant to APUs (bandwidth) and a lot less so to CPUs in general, especially given AMD's lengthy pipeline in their latest (and a few previous) offerings. Llano/Trinity CPU parts are choking on bandwidth as it is and integrated GPUs are quite irrelevant in systems running on Fatal1ty and similar "performance" mobos. Dunno what you mean with "unified RAM access" though? You're referring to upcoming DDR4's point-to-point (channel agnostic) topology? Cheers!
0 1 [Posted by: MyK  | Date: 07/29/12 01:41:03 AM]
Extensive testing has shown that neither AMD nor Intel CPUs show tangible benefits from increased RAM frequency above ~1333 MHz. as the current DDR3 RAM in a typical desktop system is not a bottleneck.

Unified RAM access will appear soon in AMD APUs where both the CPU and GPU sections can access all available RAM, not just a dedicated block of RAM as is the current situation.

As far as Asrock being "one of the most admired" mobos, that appears to be marketing hype more than reality IME. Very few technically astute enthusiasts would chose Asrock over Asus or Gigabyte.
1 1 [Posted by: beenthere  | Date: 07/29/12 08:08:38 PM]
There was a survey a few weeks ago regarding our prefered mobo maker, but I don't remember seeing Asrock in the top 5....
0 0 [Posted by: LGM123456789  | Date: 07/31/12 07:41:43 AM]


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