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Gigabyte Technology is reportedly working on a low-cost mainboard supporting AMD’s most expensive FX-9000-series central processing units currently only available inside personal computers made by high-end PC manufacturers. In case the information is correct, then Advanced Micro Devices may have more serious plans regarding its code-named Centurion chips than originally expected.

At present AMD offers FX-9370 (eight cores, 4.40GHz/4.70GHz frequency, 16MB L2+L3 cache) and FX-9590 (eight cores, 4.70GHz/5.0GHz frequency, 16MB L2+L3 cache) for a little under $600 and a little more than $900, respectively. Both chips have unprecedented 220W thermal design power and thus require extremely advanced mainboards as well as cooling systems. Mainboards that support AMD FX-9000 “Centurion” chips are rare and expensive, but Gigabyte Technology reportedly is working on more affordable platform for such CPUs.

TechPowerUp web-site reports that Gigabyte is working on a new version of its 970A-UD3P mainboard that will gain support for AMD’s most powerful chips. The current version of Gigabyte 970A-UD3P is based on AMD 970 + SB950 core-logic set, features 8+2 phase CPU VRM and was designed for traditional microprocessors in AM3+ form-factor. The new version of the motherboard is expected to support AMD FX-9000-series chips and will thus feature an all-new VRM that will support processors with 220W thermal design power.

Given the fact that AMD FX-9000 products currently cost from $580 to $920, it hardly makes sense for any platform maker to create inexpensive motherboards for such chips. Moreover, since microprocessors and mainboards represent only a fraction of high-end PC’s costs, reducing their price by $10 - $70 - $100 will hardly significantly impact their success on the market of such systems.

But what if AMD wants to lower the price of the FX-9000 offerings to the level comparable to Intel Core i7-4770K in order to address broader market segments as well as the channel?

AMD did not comment on the news-story.

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The reason for this budget board is mainly to obtain high overclocking results to sell more of these mobos. Giga's other AM3+ mobos have poor VRM circuit designs that overheat when you overclock an FX-8000 series CPU on them, thus throttling the CPU speed. Gigabyte has known this for several years but they have refused to update their line of AMD mobos to handle the power draw of the OC'ed FX-8000 series CPUs.
2 2 [Posted by: beenthere  | Date: 08/14/13 01:40:24 PM]
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given Gigabytes boards were fine before FX 8xxx was released and that FX 8xxx isn't 2 years old, your claim seems.... flawed.

that said it's nice to see an improved board coming out for me to use with my upcoming FX 6xxx.
0 0 [Posted by: clone  | Date: 08/15/13 10:44:54 PM]


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