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Asrock, one of the world’s largest maker of mainboards, this week introduced a broad lineup of mainboards with socket FM2+ that support AMD’s next-generation accelerated processing units code-named Kaveri. The new mainboards will feature a set of premium capabilities not available on current-generation mainboards for AMD microprocessors from Asrock.

The flagship motherboard in Asrock’s FM2+ lineup will be FM2A88X Extreme6+, which is based on AMD’s most advanced A88X core-logic for accelerated processing units. The mainboard will feature Purity Sound 115dB technology that relies on Reatek ALC1150 audio chip, two TI NE5532 amplifiers (one for headset amplifier, the other for differential amplifier), EMI shielding cover, PCB isolate shielding plus DTS Connect Check; Japan made premium-gold capacitors; digital 8 + 2 power phase VRM design; single click X-Boost overclocking technology that may speed up system by up to 15.77%; as well as HDMI-in and Home Cloud tech.

Besides the flagship, a legion of FM2+ AMD A88X-based mainboards in different form-factors will also be available. The family includes FM2A88X Extreme4+, FM2A88M Extreme4+, FM2A88 Pro+, FM2A88M-HD+ and a mini-ITX FM2A88X-ITX+.

Thanks to innovations of AMD A-series “Kaveri” accelerated processing unit, all new platforms will support PCI Express 3.0, dual-channel DDR3 memory at up to 2600MHz clock-rate, up to four monitors (DVI, D-sub, HDMI, DisplayPort connectors) as well as DirectX 11.1-class graphics engine.


AMD Fusion A-series APU code-named Kaveri is projected to feature up to four Steamroller high-performance x86 general-purpose cores as well as GCN architecture-based AMD Radeon HD graphics engine. The Kaveri chip will be AMD’s first high-performance accelerated processing unit with HSA [heterogeneous system architecture] enhancements, such as heterogeneous uniform memory access, CPU and GPU cache coherency and other. Moreover, Kaveri will be AMD’s first high-performance APUs made using 28nm process technology. Finally, the chips will feature a new dual-channel memory controller as well as all-new power management.

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Kaveri isn't oo far away with desktop shipping in Q4 of '13 and laptop in Q1 of '14.
1 3 [Posted by: beenthere  | Date: 09/06/13 04:29:45 PM]
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Kaveri will be kickass! Intel's company directors have already bitten off their finger nails with anticipatory anxiety. HSA has arrived. And like AMD64, Intel doesn't have an answer.
1 3 [Posted by: linuxlowdown  | Date: 09/06/13 04:56:42 PM]

I was wondering how much better AMD CPU's would perform if they had the same lithography [22nm] as Intel ?
0 0 [Posted by: albert89  | Date: 09/06/13 08:16:06 PM]
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Just the reduction of power draw and heat disipation would be a massive gain for me. I have a 8350 rig now and its a space heater.
1 1 [Posted by: KeyBoardG  | Date: 09/06/13 08:31:29 PM]
I'm running an FX-8350 OC'd to 4.7 GHz. and I have no issues with high heat. At the default 4.0 GHz. clockspeed it's still a 125w max TDP just like on earlier Phenom II CPUs. With a good cooler there are no heat issues and this is an 8-core CPU.
1 1 [Posted by: beenthere  | Date: 09/09/13 08:42:12 PM]
AMD processors are designed better. Intel is only in front because it has been shrinking die size aggressively in the last 3-4 years to counteract AMDs upcoming HSA technology. However, it can run but it can't hide - Intel will need to come up with a new way of calculating, like AMD, eventually if it is to stand a chance.
1 2 [Posted by: linuxlowdown  | Date: 09/09/13 07:45:46 AM]

It should be obvious that with all of the major mobo makers releasing a ton of FM2+ model mobos, they are VERY impressed with Kaveri and consumers will be too.
0 2 [Posted by: beenthere  | Date: 09/09/13 08:38:45 PM]

Funny! The article is about ASRock mobos but finishes with "The new Biostar FM2+ series of mainboards are production ready and should hit the market in the foreseeable future."
0 0 [Posted by: Desislava Chakarova  | Date: 09/10/13 11:41:23 PM]


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