i848P Based Mainboards to Come First from MSI

by Anton Shilov
08/12/2003 | 07:52 AM

Micro Star International appears to be the first company to unveil its MSI 848P Neo mainboard based on the inexpensive version of i865-series chipset with 800MHz Quad Pumped Bus support, the i848P that is not yet announced officially by Intel Corporation.


Intel’s 848P was previously known as the so-called i865PL supports single-channel PC3200 memory as well as 800MHz Quad Pumped Bus for the latest Socket 478 processors. Unlike the brand-name suggest, the core-logic is based on i865 “Springdale” architecture and supports all the advantages provided by the core-logic family, including AGP 8x and the Hyper-Threading support.

According to the information published earlier, the i848P is priced at $31, only $1 below the 865P’s price of $32. With the announcement of the i848P, the i865P that supports dual-channel PC2700 memory and only 533MHz Quad Pumped Bus is expected to be phased out.

MSI’s 848P Neo mainboards are the first products in the market based on the not-yet-revealed i848P chipset. This is the second time this year MSI starts to offer products powered by unannounced Intel core-logic sets. Check out the specs:

The mainboard and its various versions promise not to be too expensive. Furthermore, MSI 848P Neo looks like an interesting option for those, who would like to have the latest technologies without paying a substantial sum of money.