MSI to Showcase nForce2, MCP-2S Powered Mainboards at Comdex Fall 2003


by Anton Shilov
11/14/2003 | 06:24 PM

Comdex Fall 2003 trade-show is approaching us and some companies have already started to leak certain juicy facts about their products to be demonstrated at the exhibition. One of such firms is MSI, who is going to reveal a number of its new devices next week and who has already uncovered its new nForce2-based mainboard featuring mysterious MCP2-S I/O controller with native Serial ATA-150 support from NVIDIA.


NVIDIA’s MCP2-S and MCP2-S1000 are probably one of the most mysterious media and communication processors from the company. The controllers are believed to bring Serial ATA-150 as well as Gigabit Ethernet functions in and were originally projected to come this June. Then unofficial sources restated plans of the Santa Clara, California-based core-logic designer and we expected the new South Bridges to emerge this September. After the new MCPs did not show up in early Fall, in mid-October some sources close to ABIT indicated its intention to bring AN7 mainboard with MCP2-S controller. Unfortunately, ABIT has changed its mind and decided not to wait for the MCP2-S, but to stick to the MCP2-T. Well, the odyssey seems to be over, as some boys from this forum noticed MSI – one of the largest NVIDIA’s customers – officially mentioning about NVIDIA’s I/O processors with Serial ATA-150 and Gigabit Ethernet support.

According to MSI, the first mainboards to incorporate NVIDIA’s latest MCP technology will be newer versions of MSI K7N2-Delta – also one of the first platforms powered by nForce2 Ultra 400 core-logic.

The new MSI’s K7N2-Delta will bring you support for all Socket A chips with 200/266/333/400MHz FSB, 3 168-pin DIMM slots for up to 3GB of PC3200 memory in dual-channel mode, 5 PCI slots, an AGP 8x slot and an ACR slot, 2-channel ATA-133/100/66/33 integrated controller, 2 Serial ATA-150 ports with RAID support, 10/100Mb/s Ethernet or optional Gigabit Ethernet (if MCP2-S1000 is used), possibly Parallel ATA RAID, 6 USB 2.0 ports, FireWire (IEEE1394), 6-channel NVIDIA audio solution with hardware Dolby Digital, Overclocking functions, including Vcore, Vmem and Vagp adjusting, FSB Setting and Multiplier Setting as well as all MSI’s proprietary technologies.

Pricing of the products are to be announced.