Intel Quietly Sneaks New Server Chipset In

Intel Offers E7221 "Copper River" to Customers

by Anton Shilov
10/04/2004 | 11:19 AM

Intel Corp., the world’s major supplier of microprocessors and core-logic products, has quietly added a professional version of the i915G chipset into the lineup of server products aimed at small businesses.


“Intel offers an affordable server platform targeted for small businesses that delivers impressive computing performance without compromising speed or system reliability. The chipset is ideal for managing server applications, Web serving, load sharing, and firewalls. Specifically optimized for value- conscious markets, entry-level servers based on the E7221 chipset can provide a substantial improvement over desktop PCs or workstations used as servers,” Intel Corp. said in a statement located on its web-site.

Intel’s E7221 core-logic is designed for uni-processor servers powered by Intel Pentium 4 processors with EM64T, or 64-bit capability. The chipset has integrated graphics and sports PCI Express x8 lane designed for the Intel 6702PXH 64-bit PCI hub component that enables PCI-X slots for advanced cards. The core-logic sports dual-channel DDR and DDR2 SDRAM controller, giving server builders a flexibility. E7221 works with typical ICH6R that adds Serial ATA, Parallel ATA, PCI and PCI Express connectivity for add-in cards.

For some reason Intel’s web-site claims E7221 supports mPGA478 processors, however, Intel’s datasheet says E7221 sports chips in LGA775 form-factor.

Intel’s roadmaps referred the E7221 as code-named Copper River product, however, it was generally believed that the Copper River was based on the i925X technology. Earlier this year Intel said the chipset would cost $52.