Chaintech Revamps NVIDIA nForce4 Ultra Mainboards

Chaintech Adds Robustness to nForce4 Ultra Products

by Anton Shilov
02/02/2005 | 11:52 PM

Mainboard maker Chaintech said it had made certain improvements to its VNF4 Ultra VE mainboards following critics from X-bit labs web-site, who found certain disadvantages with the mainboard’s design.


In the review entitled “Chaintech VNF4 Ultra VE (NVIDIA nForce4 Ultra): Can You Have Good Hardware at a Low Price?” X-bit labs analyst Ilya Gavrichenkov wrote that the mainboard lacked active cooler on the media and communication processor, which potentially might cause instabilities.

“The chipset on this mainboard is covered with a passive heatsink of a medium size. Unfortunately, that’s insufficient as we will see later during our tests. The temperature of the chipset got as high as 60-70°C throughout the benchmarking process, which is hardly a normal operational mode for it,” Mr. Gavrichenkov wrote.

Additionally, X-bit labs reviewer criticized a number of BIOS issues the mainboard had, which ehnaces overclocking potential of the product series.

Chaintech informed X-bit labs on Wednesday that all the problems with Chaintech VNF4 Ultra VE have been addressed and the new revisions of the mainboard will be equipped with a fan and will employ a new BIOS version.

X-bit labs has not tested the new revision of the mainboard yet.