ATI Readies New Integrated Chipset for Intel Processors

ATI’s RS600 Taped Out, Validated

by Anton Shilov
04/09/2006 | 08:44 PM

In a bid to increase shipments of its chipsets, ATI Technologies is expected to shortly introduce its code-named RS600 chipset for Intel processors. The core-logic has already been validated by PCI Express special interest group and will feature an improved built-in graphics core.


ATI’s RS600 chipset is intended for Intel processors, but ATI is also preparing the code-named RS690 core-logic designed to work with AMD chips. The main feature of both chipsets is expected to be support for HDMI and HDCP, something which will make the core-logic a very interesting option for media center personal computers, as HDMI output is gaining popularity among consumer electronics makers, while HDCP copy protection technology is virtually compulsory for all systems with Blu-ray and/or HD DVD playback capability.

Earlier press reports indicated that the built-in graphics core of the RS600 will be akin to the Radeon X700, which means that it features DirectX 9 shader model 2.0 capabilities. It is unclear whether the core will be able to accelerate playback of H.264 video, a format used along with the BD and HD DVDs.

The RS600 chipset has successfully passed validation procedures with PCI-SIG (special interest group) and is now in the integrators list of the organization. This PCI-SIG integrators list includes all products that have a complete and satisfactory PCI compliance checklist on file at PCI-SIG, have passed the test criteria set forth at the PCI compliance workshops and are production ready.

It is yet unknown when ATI plans to commercially unveil the RS600 chipset. It is likely that the core-logic would be demonstrated during Computex Taipei 2006 trade-show, however, the actual release may be aligned with the launch of the SB600-series of I/O controller chips, a family of products currently not in the integrators list.

ATI Technologies did not comment on the news-story.