Nvidia Releases Low-Cost Chipsets for Intel Platforms

Nvidia Launches GeForce “mGPUs” for Intel Platforms

by Anton Shilov
09/25/2007 | 09:39 AM

Nvidia Corp., the world’s largest supplier of graphics processing units (GPUs), on Tuesday officially unveiled its long-anticipated chipsets with built-in graphics cores for Intel processors. By unveiling such solutions Nvidia enters the highly-competitive, but also a very large market.


The Nvidia GeForce 7 integrated graphics processor (IGP) lineup contains four solutions, even more than previously expected, targeting different market segments. The new chipsets support for Intel processors with up to 1333MHz processor system bus, forthcoming Pentryn family of chips, optional HDMI output with HDCP support and so on. What is also important is that all of the chipsets will feature PCI Express x16 slots for add-in graphics cards, allowing end-users to easily crank up graphics performance of their systems by installing a standalone graphics board.

Thanks to modern process technologies, all four new core-logic sets feature single-chip designs and Nvidia calls them “motherboard GPUs” (mGPUs). Single-chip implementation allows the developer to keep the manufacturing cost of the solution low, meaning that end-users will be able to obtain the new technology for a relatively affordable price, but without sacrificing chip designer’s profit margins, something, which analyst were afraid about in regards of IGPs for Intel from Nvidia.

However, the lower-cost design of the new chipset family forced Nvidia to sacrifice certain features that are available on competing Intel G35 core-logic set, particularly, DirectX 10-supporting graphics core as well as dual-channel memory controller. Nvidia’s products support DX9 and have to use single-channel memory, something, which may limit system performance.

The Nvidia mGPU family for Intel processors includes the following models:

Computers and motherboards featuring the Nvidia GeForce 7-series mGPUs for Intel platforms will be available later this month directly from global system integrators and mainboard partners including: Abit, Asrock, Asustek, Biostar, Colorful, ECS, EVGA, Foxconn, Galaxy, Gigabyte, Hassee, Inno3D, Jetway, J&W, Maxsun, MSI, Onda, Palit, PC Partner, PNY, Supox, Unika, XFX, and more.