Intel Core 2 Era Comes to the End: Intel Discontinues X48 Mainboard

Intel Phases Out DX48BT2 Mainboard as Enthusiasts Shift to Core i7 Chips

by Anton Shilov
05/12/2009 | 05:12 PM

Intel Core 2 microprocessors have done to Intel Corp. more than a number of previous-generation central processing units (CPUs): it returned microprocessor performance leadership to the chipmaker. However, everything comes to its end and this week Intel announced that it would cease to supply its platform for high-end Intel Core 2-based systems.


Intel Desktop Board DX48BT2 (Bone Trail 2) mainboard supports all available Intel Core 2 Duo, Intel Core 2 Quad and Intel Core 2 Extreme microprocessors in LGA775 form-factor with up to 1600MHz processor system bus; dual-channel DDR2 memory; two ATI Radeon graphics cards in CrossFire mode and other advanced functions.

Intel’s customers must place final orders onto the Intel Desktop Board DX48BT2 (Bone Trail 2) mainboard by July 1, 2009. Last shipment date of the discontinued product is the 1st of October, 2009.

Back in November, 2008, Intel released its new breed of high-end microprocessors – Intel Core i7 – featuring new micro-architecture, integrated memory controller as well as new form-factor. In the second half of the year the world’s largest maker of chips plans to release central processing units powered by the new micro-architecture and featuring built-in memory controller, but aimed at mainstream markets and featuring yet another form-factor. As a result, the Core 2 family will be gradually phased out and a step in that direction if phasing out of mainboards aimed at high-performance Core 2-powered PCs.

Intel G45- and P45-based mainboards are likely to stay afloat for quite a while from now as there are a lot of Core 2 Duo and Quad chips available and due to be out in the coming quarters. Nevertheless, the discontinuance of Intel Desktop Board DX48BT2 marks the beginning of the end for high-end Intel Core 2 platforms.