MicroStar International Adds Voice Control to Mainboards

MSI Adds Voice Genie, Other Features to New Motherboards

by Anton Shilov
12/27/2011 | 10:17 PM

MicroStar International, a leading maker of mainboards and other electronics, has unveiled a new series of motherboards with voice control feature, Bluetooth 3.0, Wi-Fi 802.11n and other improvements. The new platforms from MSI will be based on Intel Corp.'s chipsets and will thus be compatible with the company's latest microprocessors.


A new family of mainboards with Voice Genie and MultiConnect panel is powered by Intel P67, Z68 and X79 chipsets and will become available shortly.

The MultiConnect Panel is equipped with a Bluetooth 3.0 module for quick connection via smartphones and tablets, and synchronization with notebooks. It also supports Wi-Fi 802.11n with a transfer rate of up to 150Mb/s, equipping desktop systems with true wireless networking capability. The OC Genie button on the panel allows users to boost system performance with one simple push. The USB ports connecting with the Super Charger on the mainboard supply power with voltage 3 times higher than conventional USB ports, allowing users to quickly charge their smartphones or tablets. The MultiConnect Panel has a standard 5.25" bezel design to fit in any 5.25" bay on a computer case.

MSI has been devoted to providing consumers with more intelligent technology for human-machine interaction. Voice Genie, a convenient-to-use voice control system, is the world's first voice control system with system startup control. Users can command the system to power on/off, open the browser, run MSI's exclusive control center, set the system to sleep mode, wake up the system, and run other functions via voice control. In addition, Voice Genie comes equipped with two sets of voice recognition and supports up to 8 customized voice commands.