ECS Reveals "NonStop" Mainboard Family with Extended Stability and Reliability

ECS Boosts Stability and Reliability with Premium Components and Rigorous Testing on NonStop Platforms

by Anton Shilov
05/24/2012 | 08:35 PM

Elitegroup Computer Systems, one of the world's largest makers of mainboards, has announced its NonStop-series mainboards that are made using the highest quality components and shielding as well as tested in a specially-devised testing regime that is far stricter than common industry standards. The company claims that such mainboards not only provide improved stability, but also have prolonged lifespan.


ECS NonStop mainboards utilize 100% solid Apache long-life capacitors, to protect users from capacitor leakage and failure problems. Another critical component of ECS NonStop is comprehensive electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection called "Thor". The 100% ESD protection on NonStop motherboards is achieved with special circuitry, consisting of dozens of extra components, that protects expensive and delicate chips, like the microprocessor, memory and other from static build up that can damage or destroy them without warning. According to ECS, Thor follows the toughest NASA guidelines for preventing ESD damage.

Every ECS NonStop certified motherboard must survive the so-called Super Marathon 3X stability test, a military level assault course of tests that checks and stresses critical components to ensure that they are up to ECS standards. During the Super Marathon stability test each motherboard runs through the testing cycle more than 30 000 times in the course of a strenuous 72-hour workout. In addition, every NonStop certified board must undergo the Sahara Severe Test: a 50°C severe environment test. Only those mainboards which can pass the tests while still delivering the flawless glitch-free operation and deliver high performance are labeled NonStop.

All ECS Black-series motherboards are NonStop certified, including these models: X79R-AX, X79R-AX deluxe, A990FXM-A, A990FXM-A Deluxe, A75F-A, H61H2-A2 Deluxe, Z77H2-AX, Z77H2-A2X, and Z77H2-A2X deluxe. Future Black-series mainboards will adopt ECS NonStop label as well.