Asrock and Nick Shih Overclock AMD Fusion A-5800K “Trinity” to 7.93GHz

Asrock and Nick Shih Set World’s Record in AMD Fusion A-5800K “Trinity” Overclocking

by Anton Shilov
12/13/2012 | 09:58 PM

Asrock, a leading maker of mainboards, and Nick Shih, a top overclockers, have teamed up once again to set up the world’s overclocking record. The partnership yielded in boosting clock-speed of AMD Fusion A-5800K “Trinity” from default 3.20GHz to whopping 7.93GHz, the world’s record to date.


In a bid to overclock the AMD A-5800K “Trinity” accelerated processing unit to record frequency, Nick Shin used Asrock FM2A85X Extreme6 mainboard, liquid nitrogen cooling as well as all of his skills. The 7.93GHz clock-speed was achieved without disabling cores, which may mean that code-named Trinity chip still has some more headroom and over time will conquer 8.0GHz frequency.

“I absolutely love having fun with some of the best gizmos around, such as the new socket FM2 APUs and Asrock FM2A85X Extreme6. You can always expect amazing results when you are dealing with these reliable hardware. For me, 7.93GHz is merely a warm up. 8 GHz ready or not, here I come,” said Nick Shih.

 The Asrock FM2A85X Extreme6 mainboard is equipped with gold caps, digi power and 8+2 power phase. The robust design and performance makes it a good choice for overclocking and challenging world records. Asrock’s FM2 motherboards features exclusive X-boost technology, which allows end-users to boost their system’s performance by up to 15.77% simply by clicking X during POST.