Biostar to Showcase Second-Generation Hi-Fi Puro Audio Technology at Computex

Biostar to Unleash Second-Gen Hi-Fi Puro 3D Audio Technology

by Anton Shilov
05/06/2013 | 02:08 PM

Biostar, a well-known maker of mainboards, plans to showcase a range of motherboards for new-generation microprocessors from AMD and Intel equipped with its second-generation Hi-Fi Puro audio technology at Computex Taipei 2013 trade-show next-month. The new tech will further boost the quality of integrated audio solution.


Targeting audiophiles, HTPC enthusiasts and high-end gamers alike, Puro Hi-Fi features an integrated independent audio power design with a built-in amplifier. The technology utilizes audio components with an independent power delivery design for a significant reduction in electronic noise producing superb sound quality. The unique noise-blocking multi-layer PCB layout is conducive for an exceptionally clean signal. That design feature, together with a sampling rate of 192 kHz/24-bit, delivers high quality audio through an analog connection to your home theater system, multi-channel speakers or high-end headphones, allowing you to enjoy true high-definition 7.1-channel surround sound.

Part of the Puro Hi-Fi design includes high-quality "Non-Polarized Electrolysis Electric audio capacitors" for each individual audio channel circuit delivering low noise, low distortion, and a wide bandwidth to achieve the highest sound resolution and sound expansion for the most realistic sound effects. Furthermore, the resistors used by the system are of the metal-oxide film type with metal oxides such as tin. The electric characteristics are that of greater stability and reliability than regular metal film resistors when operating in an extremely broad working temperature range. These special components are typically used in applications with high endurance audio demands.

All the Biostar Hi-Fi series motherboards have the Puro Hi-Fi technology and so are equipped with special components to ensure the best possible audio quality consistency.