Asrock to Install Audiophile-Quality Integrated Audio Sub-System onto Next-Gen Mainboards

Asrock Introduces Purity Sound Technology for Intel 8-Series Mainboards

by Anton Shilov
05/07/2013 | 09:12 PM

When integrated audio solutions became good enough, standalone sound cards essentially vanished into oblivion from the mass market. However, integrated audio sub-systems are usually worse than high-quality audio cards not only in terms of supported sound processing technologies but because of poor analogue circuits. Asrock has decided to correct the situation and install high-end components directly onto its next-generation mainboards.


Asrock Purity Sound technology is a combination of several hardware, software audio solutions and technologies that will satisfy even the pickiest audiophiles, according to the company. Including 7.1-channel HD audio with Realtek ALC1150 audio codec that supports 115dB SNR DAC, and two TI NE5532 amplifiers, one is a differential amplifier and the other one is a premium headset amplifier which supports up to 600Ohm headphones. Besides, Asrock Purity Sound supports cap-less Direct Drive technology, EMI shielding cover, PCB isolate shielding and support for DTS Connect.

With the new mainboards that support Purity Sound, users may expect more details with less distortion and the industry’s highest SNR 115dB. It also provides the exact amount of oomph for bass heads to bounce to the beats, and premium headset amplifier for headphiles to directly connect their high impedance headphones, such as 600 ohm headphones, without needing to buy another expensive audio amplifier or sound card.

The first mainboards to support Purity Sound will be Asrock’s platforms based on Intel 8-series “Lynx Point” chipsets designed for Intel Core i-series 4000-family “Haswell” microprocessors in LGA1150 packaging. Select versions of the new-generation mainboards will also support HDMI-In, dual-band Wi-Fi 802.11ac + Bluetooth 4.0, conformal waterproof coating and other.