Asrock Extends Warranty of Flagship Mainboard to Five Years

Asrock Z87 OC Formula Motherboards Have Five Years Warranty

by Anton Shilov
06/18/2013 | 11:12 PM

Asrock, a leading maker of mainboards, has extended warranty period on its flagship Z87 OC Formula mainboards to rather unprecedented five years. The mainboard comes with a number of important innovations that improve their functionality as well as enhance their ability to work longer.


Asrock Z87 OC Formula is based on Intel Z87 chipset and is designed for Intel Core i-series “Haswell” microprocessors in LGA1150 packaging. The mainboard supports up to four graphics cards and up to four memory modules. The mainboard belongs to A-style family of premium platforms by Asrock and feature such technologies as home cloud, waterproof conformal coating, audiophile quality purity sound, 802.11ac Wi-Fi, HDMI-in and so on.

The flagship mainboard from Asrock features 8-layer printed-circuit board with 4*2oz copper; dual-stack MOSFETs; multiple filter cap (MFC) which filters different noises by three different capacitors: DIP solid cap, POSCAP and MLCC; as well as advanced cooling and tuning capabilities.

The new Z87 OC Formula motherboards possess both hardware and software features for extreme overclocking, and they are also fully loaded with a set of lifestyle features. Asrock provides the five year warranty package as long as the malfunctions and defects occur under normal use conditions and are not caused by misuse or abnormal operations. If the mainboard cannot be repaired, Asrock will replace the product with equivalent or next generation products.

While five years warranty is clearly a good thing that grants piece of mind, it should be noted that no enthusiast uses a mainboard for five years. Moreover, the lifespan of modern microprocessors and platforms does not exceed three of four years, which means that even if a mainboard is replaced years after the original purchase, it will be incompatible with today’s microprocessors, memory modules and some other components.

Asrock Z87 OC Formula mainboards are available worldwide now.