Gigabyte to Add Support of AMD FX-9000 “Extreme” Processors to Mainstream Mainboards - Report

Gigabyte to Support AMD FX-9000 Chips with Mainstream Mainboards

by Anton Shilov
08/13/2013 | 11:15 PM

Gigabyte Technology is reportedly working on a low-cost mainboard supporting AMD’s most expensive FX-9000-series central processing units currently only available inside personal computers made by high-end PC manufacturers. In case the information is correct, then Advanced Micro Devices may have more serious plans regarding its code-named Centurion chips than originally expected.


At present AMD offers FX-9370 (eight cores, 4.40GHz/4.70GHz frequency, 16MB L2+L3 cache) and FX-9590 (eight cores, 4.70GHz/5.0GHz frequency, 16MB L2+L3 cache) for a little under $600 and a little more than $900, respectively. Both chips have unprecedented 220W thermal design power and thus require extremely advanced mainboards as well as cooling systems. Mainboards that support AMD FX-9000 “Centurion” chips are rare and expensive, but Gigabyte Technology reportedly is working on more affordable platform for such CPUs.

TechPowerUp web-site reports that Gigabyte is working on a new version of its 970A-UD3P mainboard that will gain support for AMD’s most powerful chips. The current version of Gigabyte 970A-UD3P is based on AMD 970 + SB950 core-logic set, features 8+2 phase CPU VRM and was designed for traditional microprocessors in AM3+ form-factor. The new version of the motherboard is expected to support AMD FX-9000-series chips and will thus feature an all-new VRM that will support processors with 220W thermal design power.

Given the fact that AMD FX-9000 products currently cost from $580 to $920, it hardly makes sense for any platform maker to create inexpensive motherboards for such chips. Moreover, since microprocessors and mainboards represent only a fraction of high-end PC’s costs, reducing their price by $10 - $70 - $100 will hardly significantly impact their success on the market of such systems.

But what if AMD wants to lower the price of the FX-9000 offerings to the level comparable to Intel Core i7-4770K in order to address broader market segments as well as the channel?

AMD did not comment on the news-story.