Biostar Readies New AMD FM2+ Socket Mainboards for Next-Generation Kaveri APUs

Biostar Preps AMD FM2+ Motherboards for Next-Generation APUs

by Anton Shilov
09/02/2013 | 11:10 PM

Although next-generation AMD Fusion “Kaveri” accelerated processing units (APUs) is more than over a half of a year away, leading mainboards makers are already rolling-out motherboards that support them. Biostar, a leading manufacturer of computer components, is preparing a series of motherboards based on the new AMD FM2+ socket design.


The new platforms with AMD FM2+ socket – which support both current-generation FM2 APUs and next-generation FM2+ form-factors APUs – are based on AMD A85X, A75 and A55 chipsets. Biostar new line of FM2+ APU support motherboards is a great choice for users who wishes to reserve an opportunity for future upgrades and taking the advantages from AMD’s new FM2+ infrastructure.

Biostar was tight-lipped regarding technologies that it will introduce along with the new FM2+ mainboards, but said the new platforms will further advance audio, power regulation upgrades and more.

AMD Fusion A-series APU code-named Kaveri is projected to feature up to four Steamroller high-performance x86 general-purpose cores as well as GCN architecture-based AMD Radeon HD graphics engine. The Kaveri chip will be AMD’s first high-performance accelerated processing unit with HSA [heterogeneous system architecture] enhancements, such as heterogeneous uniform memory access, CPU and GPU cache coherency and other. Moreover, Kaveri will be AMD’s first high-performance APUs made using 28nm process technology. Finally, the chips will feature new dual-channel memory controller as well as all-new power management.

The new Biostar FM2+ series of mainboards are production ready and should hit the market in the foreseeable future.